Know Why Egypt Doesn’t Really Suck!

Nowadays, people started to be negative about Egypt because of the current situations that we are passing through. Actually, some people are convinced that Egypt is becoming too boring and that there are no places to visit, when it isn’t actually true. Those people search for other destinations to travel to, outside Egypt, even when they didn’t really visit every inch in Egypt. A video went Viral on social media on the 13th of February, 2017 and was shared tremendously. The video has got more than 414K views and 10K shares. The interactions are increasing every second! This video will convince every Egyptian out there that Egypt is still the best destintion with many activities that can be done here.

The famous blog What Doesn’t Suck is the best when it comes to travel video guide around the world. They are a couple where they usually, bring fresh traveling content showcasing experience and adventure. And this is exactly what they did when they visited Egypt recently! Yesterday they posted a video with moments in Egypt, where they have spent 48 hours only, doing more than 10 activities and ending it with a lovely proposal in Egypt. How cool is that!

Jenny and Jeff proved to all Egyptians, that we do have a lot to do in Egypt. Even when you have limited time. In two days they visited more than 10 places. They visited Great Pyramids, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Al-Azhar Mosque, Tahrir Square, Loft 21, Great Sphinx of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, Memphis and Saqqara Step Pyramid. They also enjoyed Shisha and Tea. Believe it or not, all in TWO DAYS! Discover Egypt through their video:

You can discover more details about their trip through TripVersa or Facebook Egypt or Youtube channel. Jeff wasn’t wrong when he said in the video “Egypt is the most fascinating country on earth”. People around the world are proving every day that Egypt is the best destination ever that provides the most entertaining spots to discover and enjoy. Now it’s our turn to keep promoting for our country whether by videos, pictures or any other tool.