Kooram: You Can Now Donate While Enjoying Your Gatherings

Ramadan is the time we get together with friends and family, enjoy awesome food and lots of sugar and desserts. Not only that, Ramadan is the time of year where all our consumerist mindsets are set aside, or should, and we start practicing generosity towards strangers like they were your own family and friends. But here comes the contradiction between what we do in our gatherings and what the holy month calls for.

It is very common to find an abundance of desserts at the table right after Iftar, some of which re not even touched, and are eventually thrown into the trash. How many times have you been invited to an Iftar and bought an overly priced dessert to find that someone else has bought the same dessert too?

And that’s why Kooram is here.

Kooram is a website that lets you draw a smile on someone’s face through your gatherings. Instead of buying an overly priced dessert, Kooram lets you donate this money to a cause offered by officially registered NGOs.

If you are having a gathering, you can create a donation box on Kooram and ask your invitees to donate to a cause of your choice instead of getting you complimentary dessert.

Donations are done through very simple steps:

1- Visit Kooram‘s website and create your donation box.

2- Choose the project you would like your invitees to donate to.

3- Share the page with your friends.

4- Your friends will choose the amount of money they want to donate and can use their credit cards for donating.

Doing a good deed has never been easier. Helping someone while you’re enjoying your times with your family and friends is a great initiative from Kooram and really matches the Ramadan spirit. It feels good to gather with family and friends while enjoying eating and having desserts together, but you will definitely feel better doing so when your gatherings are a reason for drawing smiles on other families’ faces.