A Letter To Who Used To Be My Best Friend

In life, we all experience losses in many different forms. Losing the most important person in our lives is one of the most stressful and confusing situations that anyone can experience. It affects us in many different ways; It can turn our lives upside down. Everything at that moment seems dark. Pain become our friend, we feel sad and keep on remembering our memories with them, we feel like we will never be the same again, we feel that we will have that pain forever. But, this is not true.

Have you ever asked yourself how someone experiences death of the closest people in their lives and it still has the capacity to go on? How someone can live without his/her mother after her death? Life goes on, and it doesn’t stop for anyone.

People come in our lives for a reason. Some people come in our lives to teach us a lesson, others come and go to make us stronger, others come to shape our personality and others come to fill a chapter in our life and when this chapter ends, their part in our lives ends too.

You should always remember the fact that people come and go and expect this to happen anytime. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to get close to people; spreading love and care. But, you should be mature enough to expect losing your closest person at any time.

So what can you do in such situation?


The best thing to do is to accept everything. To be sure that God’s plan is better than your plans. You should know how to deal with your pain, you should know that everything is temporary. People’s role in your life is temporary and so is your pain.

There is still hope in everything, life is full of ups and downs, and we experience both of them. If you are down now, be sure that God’s surprises and blessings are on their way to you.

Below is a letter I wrote, but kept in hiding for a while. Maybe because I was still hoping that we would make amends and reconcile. It took me a while to fully understand and accept that my ex-best friend is no longer in my life. Letting this letter out, is my way of accepting it. This, is my closure.

The Letter

It is really hard to say goodbye, for me in specific. Because I know well the value of true friendship. With you, there was no fear from the whole world. I always felt supported, loved and cared about. No one has ever treated me the way you treat me. No one has ever known the hidden sides of me as you did. No one has ever understood, loved and tolerated me like you.

You were the first person to come to mind when I had a problem

You were the only one who listened to my endless drama

You were the only one whom I was 100% sure of his love

You were very supportive

You were very understanding

You were very affectionate

People face many problems throughout their lives, many ups and down and difficulties because it’s the nature of life. However, everything passes smoothly with the love and support of your loved ones, the very few loved ones…

I have passed a lot with your guidance, love, care and support.

Just the feeling of “I have him by my side” was enough for me

For some serious reasons… This friendship had to be ended

It’s really hard to say good bye to all the memories

To all the stories we had

To all the common details we had

To all the happy moments we spent

It ended because there was something stronger than our friendship. It ended because if it didn’t, everything beautiful between us might have changed, might have transformed. It ended because some beautiful things in life are double- edged swords.

With all the love I have for you I am saying, goodbye.

Goodbye my friend

Goodbye my soulmate

One last message: You will never be replaced.

Life goes on, and so will I!