A Letter of Encouragement and Appreciation From A Middle Eastern Man To Middle Eastern Women

In this article I am tackling the topic of relationships between the men and women, and what had happened in those past years that in a lot of social classes the children were raised with a fear of the opposite sex, especially the girls in this young age. And for the boys we all know how they had been peer pressured to be “men” to go inside that dilemma of the Alpha male dominance and territorial fights over position between his comrades and competing over catching different girls’ attention.

“Tell me how a man treats a woman, and I will tell you how he was raised”

I was watching a movie called “Take The Lead” starring Antonio Banderas. In one of the scenes he was elaborating to the principle of the school and the teachers how ballroom dancing can change a boy’s attitude towards the girls, how the dancing can teach him how to handle a woman’s body in a courteous and respectful way, how they can break that barrier between those two types of human being; the male and the female. In one of the scenes, Antonio was teaching a couple from the school how to dance the Waltz. He looked to the girl who was nervous and anxious from her male partner and said “You are the one who allows the man to lead your steps in this dance, because you are confident.”

While I was watching the movie, I was thinking that we need to be more like this, we need to break that type of barrier that was created by society between the man and the woman, that by time, this barrier can create a boy to be neither polite and considerate that he somehow fears to deal with women and to be stunned if he touches her accidentally, or to create a man whose bold and intrepid with women in a rude and shameless way.

Women used to be queens and ran civilizations and made history. Like in the Assyrian Kingdom where women were depicted to be as holy as Gods. Why? Because she gives birth, she gives another life from the insides of her body with blood, sweat and tears, and sometimes paid the ultimate price, death. Why go through such painful process which is equivalent to the pain of several broken ribs at one time, to give birth to another life. What an instinct they have? What wonderful, intense and forceful creatures they are!

To all the mothers, sisters, relatives, wives and co-workers, be strong, be proud of your form, shape, character, laugh. Whether you’re Caucasian, Asian, African, American, European, pessimist or optimist, tomboy or not, just be proud, you are the reason behind the functioning of this planet you had created inside your womb, with your brain, and with your emotions. You are a magnificent being, don’t let anyone tell you that you are a sin, or symbolize you with candy that needs to be covered up. Do whatever you want, choose your life, choose what to wear and when to wear it, if you want to put a veil, put it on! If you don’t want or want to take it off, then take it off! You my lady is the first and last reason that our
society might be great again. You will succeed wither you want to marry, have children and be a housewife, or be a CEO of a multinational company, or be the president.

And to the women in the Middle East in specific, I know that the past times were tremendously hard on you. I know that life still is stressful and full of different fears. Whether you were going shopping, meeting up with your friends, or you were just going to the supermarket in your pajamas, I know that you are suffering from sticky smiles or lusty pairs of eyes gazing at you, checking you out. I know it’s very hard when you always try to calculate every word you had to say from the fear of being misunderstood while talking to a male. I know it’s near to impossible to go to walk or run on the street with all those sticky looks and words flying around you, and I know it’s hard to use public transportation for the same reasons to.

Believe me I know.

So be triumphant about what you had accomplished till now, after surviving a wave that one of its aim is to decrease the objectivity and the expectations of the Egyptian women in our society and make it limited to the house tasks only and to make it an object and treat it like one too. You survived that, you’re still battling it every day, and will keep on doing so because you will always deserve more than what our societies offer.