Lipton Is Colorless This Year For A Good Cause!

When the name Lipton comes up, we most likely remember those yellow packs in our kitchens. We remember all the mornings waking up to its cup of a hug. On every occasion or outing, Lipton has been a true companion. Its audience isn’t compact or confined. All ages consume Lipton as it has been a comrade since our early childhoods. This brand is sharing most of our memories and has truly become part of our lives. After many years consuming this brand, Lipton has built connection, bonding, and loyalty amongst us, the consumers.
Ramadan is a few days away, and the majority of well established brands will be most probably cooking up campaigns that would fit the Ramadan spirits. Every year, Lipton acquires presence on TV and social media with new ads and campaigns. This year is no different! The campaign began when Lipton packs sold in supermarkets were found to be in black and white, and not the yellow packaging that we’re used to. No disclaimers or explanations; this as you would presume, has caused quite a stir and many questions were rasied as to what this meant.
Turns out, Lipton gave up its hallmark; the yellow packaging, for a good cause. They gave up the gigantic amounts of money used to color the packs to Ahl Masr Foundation to color other people’s lives instead. Ahl Masr is a nonprofit organization that specializes in treating burn victims. If you go to any hypermarket, this is how you’ll see the pack on the shelves and how they explained their concept on the pack:
Most brands take advantage of the month of Ramadan to increase their presence in the market, as well as sales, predominantly! TV ads, social media posts, billboards are what well established brands go for, but Lipton has definitely secured a cup for creativity! It is not new for Lipton to take part in a corporate social responsibility campaign as last year they participated in Kamel Karamak; a campaign spreading awareness on food donations from food leftover to people who are really in need. Lipton is smart in terms of choosing the right initiative at the right time, launching this campaign before Ramadan to continue throughout the Holy Month as it will build trust and loyalty among customers. Ramadan is the month of giving and Lipton has indeed given those burn victims a second chance at life.