Why Listening To ‘After Drive with Mohannad’ Made My Day!

After a long day of work and feeling completely exhausted, by the time the clock stroke six, all I wanted was to just go home and let my bed greet me with its warmth. It was a Sunday after all, just like how Mondays kind of are in the western world. Kind of like the after affect of getting splashed by a rush of cold water.

Sheltering myself from a chilly night in October, I got in the car, turned the key and the radio went on as usual, and it just so happens that as soon as I shifted the gear, Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ started playing, and I automatically started screaming like a maniac in front of the office. Not really caring what other people might think because the sense of nostalgia that rushed in my mind was colossal. I simply started to drive off, singing along to a childhood favorite. Later to find that I was listening to Moe’s ‘After Drive’ show on 104.2 Nile FM. Also recognized as Mohannad, he broadcasts a wild rock-themed show featuring the Hot7at7, making a lot of people happy, including me.

He was reading comments from other listeners as fast as he could to fit in between tracks, when a smile started to creep on my face. Suddenly, that feeling of tiredness was lifted off my shoulders. We, listeners, were all sharing the same feeling. Each of us tuning in from different places, driving to different destinations, and had different tastes in music, yet we all had the same feeling of familiarity and oneness. It was simply amazing.

Moe’s enthusiasm truly showed through his highly eager voice, accepting song requests, replying to comments, and playing out Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, which pretty much made me solemnly swear to always tune in at 7 to jam out, forget the troubles of the world and just relax to some amazing tunes.

Listening to a radio show with an amazing host, can truly turn someone’s day around. It not only changed mine, but all the people tuning in as well. Thank you Moe, for entertaining Egypt after long working hours, thank you for making our day by simply hearing your humorous voice, thank you for picking tracks that are actually pretty awesome. Your job puts a smile on all of our faces.