A Longer Route Can Be More Rewarding

Life’s a journey
That part’s pretty covered
But which method you’d use for traveling
Can make all the difference in the world
Getting from point A to B can be challenging
Stressful, even
It might be your biggest expense
Along with this one-way destination
But think about it
That’s the thrill
That spreads adrenaline through your body
Excitement for the unknown experience
Of the adventure before the real journey
With so many different routes
Different means to choose from
While it could be convenient to book a plane ticket
A train could be even better
For the thrill is much more magnifying
It’s all a matter of believing in yourself
You will get to point B all right
But how will you learn more
Appreciate your success and accomplishments
Throughout your journey
If you don’t hit a few bumps along the road?