Love Comes From Within

Insecurities, trust issues, and self-harming thoughts, a whole generation misled by hectic feelings and false emotions offered to the wrong people at the worst timings.

Values adopted by affection seekers, spread by those with a broken soul, believed and followed by the most vulnerable between us.

Ever felt like you are with the right person already, yet there’s something not quite right in the relationship? You do not feel comfortable enough, you do not feel safe enough, and you still have many doubts and uncertainties. Are they going to leave us sooner or later? Are they as happy as we are? Are they going to watch us at our worst and still choose to stay and keep our love alive?
More and more questions that pop up in our minds every now and then.

What Love Does Not Mean

It does not mean being with someone who completes you. Do not seek love if you do not believe you are a whole.

It does not mean being with someone who takes care of you. If you cannot take good care of yourself, do not fall in love.

It does not mean being with someone to fix you. Rebounds are hurtful and nobody will ever get to fully peer inside the cracks in your heart and soul unless you do it yourself.

Love Is A Losing Game

Of course, love can be a losing game if both sides never happen to draw. There shall not be a loser or winner, both sides shall offer same duties and bear same responsibilities. If one side of the game fails to deliver or does less than what is expected, the game comes to a loss for them both.

To What Extent Should You Keep Sacrificing?

Everything comes with a price. Happiness has a price, settling has a price, feeling safe and being loved has a price! But having the mutual will to overcome all the obstacles you may encounter along the way is bound to bring you closer together. However, sacrifice loses its sacredness once unappreciated! When giving up on things, changing behavior and manners and sacrifice is taken for granted, that’s when it never becomes an option anymore!

Do Not Fall Prey For Promises!

Promises are just words said when emotions are at the peak, emotions are subject to change and then words may fail to deliver what feelings tend to tell. I know how hard it is to be promised love for eternity, but come on, eternity is out of reach anyways.

Learn how to love yourself first, only then you will be able to give as much love as you want to receive. Beware that trust is something earned and questionable actions are a threat to your trustworthiness. Put as much effort as you want the other side to exert in order to make each other happy. Always remember that it’s a two side game, and it has to come to a draw.

And most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.