Love Me Only When I’m Happy

It’s a common thing really,


People just don’t want to be around people whom are sad


or grumpy all the time.


But that’s not right.


People need human interaction


It can help


It actually does


It can brighten your mood


Make you feel better


Even if it’s just for a little while


It helps


A lot, actually


But when people turn away


Stop answering your phone calls, texts


That’s when gravity becomes non-sense


It makes you overthink


Do people really care?


Do they even love you?


Are they my friends?


Turns out


Some people are only around when you’re smiling


Laughing at the stupidest things


But when you’re stressed






You find yourself


In a room






Are people there only when you’re happy?


So you try and fake it


Then fail


Then you go on this never ending cycle


Of trying to please people


Because they’re only there when you’re happy


When in reality


The one person you should really focus on


Is you


Because you’re the one who matters


You’re important


You’re in charge of what makes you happy


So don’t be dependent on others


Take charge of your life


Love yourself


Because unfortunately


Some people are still just going to be there,


When you’re happy.