Make the Best of Your Visit to This Year’s Cairo International Book Fair

On 18th of December 2016, Cairo International Book Fair announced the 48th edition of the fair will take place on the 26th of January till the 10th of February 2017. Also they stated that the main person for the fair this year is Salah Abd El Sabor, in addition to that, the guest of honor will be Morocco. We all know that the Cairo’s book fair is one of the oldest and largest in the Arab world. Lots of countries usually participate in the fair with different types of publishers, as well as second-hand books and of course, the Azbakeya Market.

If you’re going this year to Cairo International Book Fair and want to get all that you want. Here are the most important things you need to consider in the first place before going there.

Set a plan

Knowing what you buy is more important than going with no objective. Whether you’re a student, employee or a housewife. In all ways you have things to be done every day so arguably all you need to do is:

Set a plan of how many books you want to buy. How many books you can read per week/month. No doubt that some people are books addicted but sometimes they buy a huge number of books that they can’t finish according to their time.  At this point think practical and get only what you need.

See New Issues and Releases at Cairo International Book Fair

Check the latest and new issues of books that you will find there. Decide which book category you’re interested in. Write down list of all the books you want to have. Try to re-organize and list the most of what you want to the least until you reach a certain number.

Books budget
Set a Budget

It really matters to set a budget. It helps you plan how to direct your money to the most important books you need to read. In all cases, you must have already prepared a list of books, so it’s time to set your budget accordingly. Remove the least important to get it once you finish those ones. When you go to the fair, get back to this list, it’s really beneficial. Don’t buy anything, just buy what you wrote on the list.

With Who
Who You Should Go With?

Consider going to the fair more than one time to do everything you want. Remember that you have an objective that you want to achieve. If you’re planning to go alone you will get all the books you want in addition to having some “Me Time” enjoying book shopping. If you want to go just to have some fun then grab your family and friends and enjoy hanging out there getting some gifts and enjoying the atmosphere. If you need some help, get your geek friend that will help you buy what you want. You just have to bear in mind that on weekends, it is more crowded than normal days. Cheers, you have more than 15 days to go there!

What to Wear?

Cairo International Book Fair will be held at the grounds of Madinat Nasr in the hall of exhibitions. Actually, it’s a wide spacious place. Consider walking and walking and walking! On the other hand, you need to consider wearing comforting clothes and shoes. Maybe a backpack too, to have enough space to put the books you bought. Don’t forget to get your camera to capture your fun moments there and collect some new memories.

Reading is one of the main things that enhances our imagination and feeds our souls. Going to Cairo International Book Fair is not only about getting books but also having fun and enjoying your time. We are wondering what other new surprises the fair will announce soon before the opening. Let’s keep ourselves updated throught their social media accounts,  Facebook page and Instagram account.