To The Man Who Stole The Wallet At Dunkin’ Donuts

To the man who stole the wallet,

How did you feel when you effortlessly tucked your backpack and walked off into the streets? How did you feel when you were holding another person’s wallet hostage, filled with cards and photos of her loved ones?

Was your conscious satisfied? Are you now, truly content?

Not to be rude or anything, but you’re an ugly human being. I’m not referring to your looks, but rather your actions that spoke a library of books. What a catastrophe this is. I am truly speechless by how some people are walking the same path as others, yet are completely empty on the inside. A robot can express more.

The video of a man, masterly picking a girl’s wallet from her backpack while at Dunkin’ Donuts, will shock you! The man looks old enough to be a dad, and is surprisingly dressed like he fits in. No one would look twice or even consider the possibility that he would be a thief. In the video, he’s seen casually moving his chair countless of times and looking everywhere to make sure he wouldn’t be seen. Which shows, that this wasn’t his first time.

But hopefully, the last.

The good thing about this is that it was all recorded on tape, by the surveillance cameras. It’s on the internet too, so normally, everyone on Facebook is going bananas about it. Questions of what would he benefit, what’s the point, and that he’s too old for this is being voiced again and again. People just can’t wrap their head around how the worst things are now to be expected from people who dress like you, and hangout in the same places you do.

The thing that is going through my mind, is how no one working there took notice. I mean, the video was taken through a surveillance camera, and the cameras had to be monitored by someone. Why else are they put up? To try to avert an incident after it happens? Doesn’t make any sense, does it? So, why wasn’t an action taken on the spot to prevent this? This is a bit alarming, because even though cafés advice to always keep your personal items within eyesight, yet there is still someone ‘behind the scenes’ observing everything and taking action before a customer leaves, or at least, there should be! This incident could have been avoided, the perpetrator caught, and the girl gets to go back home with her wallet, if an employee had actually payed attention to what was happening, and alerted everyone on spot, as opposed to having him walk free and on the loose. It could have been stopped and the unfortunate consequences that were the result of improper use of security, let a guy steal a girl’s wallet and simply walk out the door.

This video is a perfect example that shows anything can happen anywhere! A great lesson to get out of is to never keep your guard down. Which is sad to say. Wherever you are, a man or a woman like him might turn out and the same situation might rewind, or God forbid, something even worse.