Maryala Kohly is the Ultimate Guide for a Unique Fashion Inspiration!

Every day new pages and communities arise with different categories and it’s becoming a trend on social media. However, each page has something to present to the audience to make them like, share and interact. When it comes to the fashion category, about 90% of girls are always searching for fashion pages to like and follow. Actually, when girls follow one of these pages online, they follow due to many reasons. Some of the most important reasons why they follow, is simply because they find interesting, fun, beautiful and inspiring content. Whether they’re searching for outfits inspiration, creative ideas, DIY clothes, trends or from where to buy clothes at the best prices. Women are always interested in everything related to fashion and whenever you find a page talking about fashion,  women will be most of their audience. Nowadays, women may feel that all fashion inspirational pages are similar and all of them are providing the same content. At the end, they will feel bored from not finding something new in the pages they follow.

New fashion trends come and go but the challenge to stay updated is what keeps you on top. A new page community has just been launched recently covering everything any woman would like to see and need regarding fashion tips and advice called Maryala Kohly “مَريلة كُحلي.”. This platform has more than 281K likers on Facebook. The page is so colorful. When you open the page, you will definitely feel positive vibes all over because of the way they present their content. Basically, they don’t provide only inspiring posts but also educational videos on how you can stay on fashion trends and be updated.

Before planning for shopping or what to wear. Maryala Kohly “مَريلة كُحلي.” will provide you with the guidance you need, styles and trends to follow. Don’t hesitate in getting into the fashion world by following them, they will help you out. What makes this platform unique the most is, providing different styles to the audience to see. From classic, boho to casual. Mainly, they post about different fashion styles to suit everyone’s taste. Actually, They weren’t wrong when they said about themselves “We are a small community interested in providing information about fashion, decor, and beauty” because they actually do that perfectly!
Check out some of their videos and posts that will make you want to follow the page now: