A Day In Modernized Ramadan



Waking up in the morning
To that annoying alarm
At 9:00 AM
You get out of bed
Before catching a glance
At that half-full cup of water you left yesterday
That you can’t reach
And shouldn’t
So you let out a sigh
Get dressed
And ride your car
You probably can’t see the roads clearly
Because you haven’t had your morning dose of caffeine
You check your Facebook while in traffic
And try to avoid all those food porn videos
That Facebook insists you watch
Over and over
You reach work
And finish work
Then get into your sun-kissed car
More like sun-burnt
Where the AC, no matter how high,
Doesn’t make any difference
Because summer is here, believe it or not
You try to keep the yawns away
Focus on the road
Hold your temper
Then to your relief, crash on the bed
And watch the minutes go by like they were days
Until you dose off to sleep
Only to be woken up by your mother’s cries over the prayer
FINALLY! You shout in your head
You gather at the table, too jumpy to wait for the soup to get cold
While watching pitiful TV shows
But the day is not done yet
Family or friends gatherings await you
But it’s okay
You’re fully caffeinated now
While the hours flee like seconds
As your eyes shut tight
It’s time for Fajr again
Repeat that for the next 29 days
Because that’s how the day is
In modern times
The best month of year
Isn’t special anymore