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Winter Fashion

Must Have Fashion Items For This Winter!

It’s getting colder by the day, and we can barely wait till winter is here. To some people, including me, winter brings nothing but good vibes. Cozy nights laying on your bed next to your heater and watching a movie, warm drinks, sweaters, soft blankets and layered clothing. And let’s not forget the rain, the rush of running to find shelter, the umbrellas, the rainbows, clear skies, and the smell of fresh grass.

In less than a month, we will be flaunting our winter fashion. Those heavy coats, faux fur and knee-high boots that have been kept in hiding all year long, are finally being worn. I honestly believe that the more you layer, the more you can express yourself. During summer, there’s only so much you can wear to give you space to express, as for winter, the more the better. To prepare for the most fashionable season ahead, we have rounded up some items you should have in your wardrobe, to have the coziest and most fashionable time of the year.

Checked Items

These items have been in since the 90’s, and they never go out of style. Checked trousers, scarves, and blouses can add a lot of elegance and a daring element to your outfits, and make you look more stylish.

Products shown in the slideshow pictures are from Stradivarius & Zara.

Over-sized Jackets & Coats

Over-sized fashion is a lot of people’s favorite. It is comfortable, practical, fashionable, and looks good on almost anyone. It gives you plenty of room to work with other pieces, from blouses, to sweaters, to vests, plenty of room underneath all that space.

Products shown in the slideshow pictures are from Stradivarius & Zara.


Fur always adds that pop of elegance and richness to your outfit. Whether it’s a clutch, shoes, a coat or a bag, they will all transform your looks into sophisticated and classy ones. Faux suits all kinds of different personalities and styles, it only depends on what pieces you get, so that you don’t over do it. Prepare for the winter, and get yourself a lavish faux piece, to look both warm and fashionable at the same time.

Products shown in the slideshow pictures are from StradivariusPull&BearBershka & Zara.


Footwear shopping goes all year round, but to each season it’s own unique footwear. Special occasions and fancy outings during winter call for your best and most elegant pairs of boots. Different materials and colors will add different elements to your wardrobe, for more chic and cohesive looks. If you like your boots heeled, pick the right heel-length for your height, and make sure they’re comfortable.

Get inspired with some fashion items from Stradivarius, Pull&BearBershka & Zara.

Winter Accessories

Last but definitely not least, the accessories! One simple accessory can completely transform your look. Especially when incorporated with the winter materials we love so much like faux, leather, and wool. Check some accessories to get inspired from hats, phone cases, belts, and more from StradivariusBershka.

Must Have Fashion Items For This Winter!


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