The Mystery is Solved! Origins of Oriental Recipes Leaked.


‘We made the Fatah, Tahini, Molokhia and much more!’ A statement said by almost every country in the Middle East. Well, we can’t help ourselves! With so much tasty and literally mind-blowing dishes, who doesn’t want to take credit for them? Nevertheless, let’s put the records straight and give the credit where it’s due.

  • Kebab and Kofta – Iran

baharat_lamb_kofta2Thank you Iran for creating a dish that gives us protein that’s enough for a week!

  • Baba Ganough – Syria and Lebanon

20140225-baba-ganoush-recipe-food-lab-vegan-primary-2No one can resist dipping some fresh hot flatbread into some cold, creamy and delicious Baba Ganough!

  • Molokhiya – Egypt

14052931-molokhia-soup-egyptian-spinach-soup-stock-photoWhether you have it with rice, bread, or on its own. Molokhia will always be our favorite.

  • Foul – Egypt, Syria

mashedfavabeanswitholiveoillemonjuicegarlic_foul-mudammasFoul will always be Friday morning staples in Egypt, no matter what.

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves – Turkey

grape-leavesYep. It wasn’t the Greeks who made those heavenly rice stuffed grapevine fingers. Thank you, Turkey!

  • Hummus – Egypt?

shutterstock_155463299-e1431467427688The western world’s obsessed with our famous Hummus dip! Wait till they find out about Tahini..

There isn’t a clear winner here, but records show that its origins may go back to Egypt. Moreover, it exists, that’s all that matters.

  • Shwarma – Turkey

slider-1-backgroundShwarma all day, every day.

Now that we got cleared off, what’re you having for lunch?