There’s A New Sequel To The SAW Movies And It’s Called Jigsaw!

‘What happens when you don’t follow the rules?’

Well, it’s simple. You die.

Another SAW sequel is coming out this October 27th, and it is going to be different! Starting with the name, the new sequel isn’t called SAW + a roman numeral, but rather Jigsaw. Following the nickname given by the detectives according to the clues thrown about by ‘the man’ that’s behind all those mysterious events. As any other gore fanatic, the name probably sparked some old memories, huh?

The trailer looks pretty catchy, with the subtle flashbacks to old torture tactics that were used in the previous movies, you won’t help but feel a bit of ‘I’ve seen this before’ vibe all throughout watching the 2 minutes and some trailer.

But you know how franchises always go, giving you a powerful trailer to draw you in, then you end up spending your money on some caramel popcorn, awaiting the anticipation, but end up with a disappointing flop of a movie. But, something tells us it’s going to be different with this one.

Whilst after reading about what the director Michael Spierig stated in an interview, ‘that the movie will have some fun gore, a really good mystery and loads of plot twists’, it has gotten my hopes a lot higher for this movie and will definitely check it out myself.

While after watching the trailer, which was perfectly crafted, to say the least, it did not give you too much information, nothing that gives off entire snippets of the movie, which is how a trailer should be!

This new addition might actually be an eye-opener. Plus, who here doesn’t love that creepy doll with its glowing red eyes and pinched cheeks.

So forget Freddy Krueger and Jason for this year, because Halloween 2017 will have a bunch of horror movies lined up as costume inspirations. With IT coming out on September 8th and Annabelle: Creation on August 11th, Jigsaw is coming in on the last straw, maybe saving the best for last?

So don’t be surprised when you find lots of Jigsaw themed costumes and parties this Halloween. Horror fanatics would be delighted by the comeback of the scary element.

One question remains, will this be the last SAW movie? I guess we’d have to wait and see to find out.