Accomplish Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions With This Cheat Sheet

New year’s resolutions. We all do them. We buy special notebooks just to fill in all the things we’d like to accomplish during the year. But do we really get most or any of them accomplished? Even so, that still doesn’t drawback the fact that by the next New Year, we’ll make the same thing all over again. It’s a never-ending cycle of unproductivity. But here’s how you can accomplish everything and tick them off your resolutions list.

What Are Your Goals

Before you just pick up your pen and start writing, you need to fully understand what your ‘goals’ are. As it’s not about the quantity, but the quality. You want to make a difference this year, so take a minute and look at your life, and see what’s missing that you’d like to fill this year. Maybe spending more time with your family, a goal could be a scheduled family gathering every month. Or it could be that you’re so obsessed with Narcos and want to learn Spanish.

Accomplish Your 2018 New Year Resolutions With This Cheat Sheet

Set Small Goals

That’s one of the big key factors in solving the case. If you were to put a goal like ‘I want to travel the world’, that’s a bit ambiguous. Rather than that, you should start off small by specifying which countries you’re most excited about to travel first. Little by little, you’ll accomplish the big goal. And even if you couldn’t travel everywhere that year (like how your main goal was), you’ll find that you crossed off many places. So by the next year, you’ll do the same until on one New Year resolutions list, you’ll find that you’ve reached your final goal, crossed it off and moved on to the next.

Accomplish Your 2018 New Year Resolutions With This Cheat Sheet

Team Up With A Friend

Sometimes, doing things with good company can give you that extra push to really get at it. Check with your friends and see if your resolutions have something in common. For example ‘going to the gym’. That’s a pretty popular one, and it’s the one goal most people fail at achieving. Going to a gym with a friend can be very motivating, and it will help you not only achieve your one goal, but your friend’s as well. Talk about a win win!

Accomplish Your 2018 New Year Resolutions With This Cheat Sheet

Be Specific About Your Goals

Don’t go along and just write I want to read more. Be more specific about your goals. You want to read more? How many books exactly? What genre? Author? When do you want to finish them? These are all questions that need to be answered whilst writing your resolutions. It’ll make your goals more definite, and easier to accomplish.

Be Motivated

The only way you’re going to tick off everything on your bucket list at the end of the year is when you really want to. By that I mean; you have a right mindset when you’re writing your resolutions, and know that you CAN and WILL accomplish them. As soon as you close your notebook, you should feel a sense of motivation and the thought of accomplishing these goals is your mission.

Accomplish Your 2018 New Year Resolutions With This Cheat Sheet

With these factors in mind, there’s no doubt you’re going to rock 2018!