News Flash! Healthy Foods Aren’t Really What They Seem To Be

Yes, Some foods you stumble upon in the supermarket may have the label fat-free, sugar-free or diet on them. You may have bought them for a diet or just because you prefer that to the -god forbid- fat version. But some of these foods may already be in your pantry, while you believe it’s healthy and good for you. However, it may do you more harm than good. This article will show you five of the most basic foods you may have on an everyday basis that may be deceiving you.

  • Dried Fruit

Some people start their day with a bowl of yogurt, nuts and dried fruit and call it breakfast. Some may even go on to say that its hearty healthy breakfast, however, the dried fruit pushes it further away from it being the ‘perfect and healthy’ breakfast than you believe.

Dried Fruits like raisins, apricots, apples, figs, pineapple, banana chips and more, are often used as snacks, put with rice or desserts. You may think they’re healthy because, well, they’re fruit! And fruit is good for you! Right? However, the fresh ones are much healthier with their natural nutrients and sugar. Nonetheless, for the dried fruits to taste good, they need to dry them, add preservatives and sugar to give them flavor and that long shelf life, and along this process, more calories are added, that if consumed over time, may add a few inches around your waistline.

Moreover, it is easy to overeat on them, as you can eat five dried apricots with ease, while it would probably be a task to eat five natural apricots in the same amount of time, right? Eating this amount of dried fruit may cause dehydration and thus, cause digestion problems as the fruit is stripped from its juicy goodness. So next time, opt for the fresh fruit to get your real five a day

  • Fat-Free Dairy Products

We’ve all been there; we’ve all went through a time in our life where we thought we could lose a few pounds, and from there, your diet journey begins. Going to the supermarket to pick up some healthy foods, you go on to the dairy section and pick a fat free yogurt pack. STOP. Put it back, go back a few steps and get a full-fat version instead. Why? Fat free yogurt is stripped away from all the fat (apparently) but in order for the product to have any taste, the companies add sugar and preservatives, which many types of research have been conducted and have concluded that fat free dairy products don’t actually help you lose weight, as you need fat to lose fat.

Now you’re going to get some milk to go with your granola or cereal. Again, don’t pick the skimmed milk! It’s just watered down milk source and some milk powder so you would still get the ‘taste’ of milk. All the nutrients and good fats are stripped from these dairy products; thus resulting in lower calories, and nutrients, which isn’t good for a healthy diet.

  • Cereal and Granola

The ultimate breakfast for some, it’s a time saver, when you need to have a quick breakfast before you head to school or work. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, we all know by now that the chocolate or sugary cereals aren’t good for you, they’re all sugar. But I’m not here to talk about those cereals, I’m talking about the healthy bran cereal and granola, that are branded best for weight loss, yet, if you pay close attention to the nutritional values on the box you’ll see that bran and raisins cereal may have the same sugar quantity as that as the sugary flakes ones. And granola as well doesn’t escape the heaps’ amount of sugars and preservatives added to give it flavor. Not to mention that the grains that cereal are made of are put under enormous amounts of heat to get them toasted, which in return obliterates most or almost all the nutrients or vitamins that grains had.

Moreover, you can switch over to a much healthier cousin, Oatmeal! It takes two minutes to make, just gets the steel cut oats, add some water, a bit of sugar, some cinnamon or cocoa powder. Pop in the microwave for one minute; add some fruit, and you have a hearty healthy alternative for breakfast that will keep you full and ready for the day.

  • Brown Bread

Now it’s time for lunch, and you’re craving a sandwich. However, being health conscious, you go over to the brown toast and get out two slices. Wait, stop! Put the bread down. Why? What’s wrong with brown bread? Well, we all know white bread is all carbs and sugar and doesn’t really do any good for you, brown bread is just the same, companies use enriched flour that is the same as white bread but differs as it gives the bread a brown color, however during the baking process all nutrients are stripped away, and you’re having basically brown colored white bread that can cause heart problems or diabetes if consumed on the regular.

Now, what are you going to use to make your sandwich? Opt for whole grain or multigrain bread that packs much more nutrients and is a much healthy alternative.

  • Diet Coke

How can one write an article about foods or drinks that are advertised as safe, low calories, or healthy for you without talking about diet coke? I, myself, am a certified diet coke addict, even with all the controversy that comes with it; some people just drink it because they prefer the taste than that of regular coke.

A regular Coca-Cola is around 140 calories while the diet version is just one calorie, how is that so? Well, that’s all thanks to the chemical sweetener aspartame that’s used to substitute sugar for lower calories. As the drink itself is advertised as a diet-friendly drink for those looking to lose a few pounds and feel ‘lighter,’ this for some was the best thing ever! You won’t have to quite your taste for fizzy drinks and be able to lose weight! WRONG, many studies have shown that because of the aspartame sweetener found in the soda, this, by time, makes people eat more, pervading the purpose of consuming fewer calories and weight loss. As well as all the health implications that may occur if this habit of drinking diet soda or regular soda becomes often increases the risks of strokes, heart problems or even cancer.

With no nutritional value added when drinking the diet or even regular soda, one is safe to say that opting for a freshly squeezed juice or just a glass of H2O with a lime in is the healthy way to go and would be a significant contributor to those lost inches around your waist.

In conclusion, hopefully, this article made you think more about the foods you put in your body, there’s an alternative to everything, just pay extra attention to the nutrients and benefits of each to have a much better, healthier and life.