Reach Your Goals This Year With Nootah’s Ramadan Notebook!

‘Goals that are not written down are just wishes’

As the years go by, you’d find that new features are added in your life, after trying them yourself, they soon become a routine. This is what happens in Ramadan, and only last year did the trend of Ramadan-themed notebooks hit the market, and boy were they a success.

Some thought the concept of writing with pens and notebooks died out but as fashion comes and goes in a cycle, notebooks are back, and they’re not leaving anytime soon! With clever, personal and often thought provoking designs, some people just feel proud for owning a public display of themselves.

Nootah, an agenda, notebook company provides customized, themed, seasonal and personalized notebooks. Creating something unique and different to everyone that would reflect their personality.

Writing things down on paper just has a different feel; it makes the words feel more authentic. And that’s the beauty of writing, so it’s not uncommon to find a planner in everyone’s bag now. Bye bye phone calendars, planners are here to stay.

Nootah is coming out with its Ramadan’s collection that everyone on social media is buzzing about already! As Ramadan’s main aim is for worship, getting a closer bond with God and a time of clarity. This notebook will definitely help you reach your goal and keep you motivated!

It would actually be a really cool gift to give to someone, you’d both be comparing (not a competition kind of way), but discussing your progress together as well as spreading the spirit of Ramadan. And that all comes in a pretty design, including tips on how to get ready for Ramadan, Quraan log, meal planning, Duaa list, Athkar for every time of the day, a section to write notes in, prayer timings and more!

Other than the notebook itself, you get a pen and a cute blue bookmark to add in your Quran. Looks like this Ramadan, goals will be set and achieved!

Visit Nootah’s Facebook page and book your notebook now!

Check out this video giving you an inside scoop of what’s inside! [fbvideo link=”” width=”300″ height=”200″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Reach Your Goals This Year With Nootah's Ramadan Notebook!
Reach Your Goals This Year With Nootah's Ramadan Notebook!
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