Not Feeling Your Best These Days? Blame The Weather.

It’s finally October, or in other words, pumpkin spice lattes and winter clothes galore! I personally am a winter person. Just the unsettling feeling of my shirt sticking to my back from sweating in the presence of the fireball above (the sun) makes my eyes cringe. While having all those not-so-positive feelings about the extremely hot weather, and getting way over excited about the start of a cooler season, some series of events has been occurring lately that I just couldn’t shake off.

Have you been feeling a bit tired lately? Feeling like it takes double or even triple the energy to do what seemed so easy and effortless just a month ago? Because regardless of how many hours of sleep you might have had last night, the sense of tiredness just keeps hitting you like an unexpected beach wave. But there happens to be a viable explanation, and you’ve got the changing of the weather to thank for that. As it so happens through countless research and observations for my surroundings, that as the temperature drops, the lower your energy, thinking and motivation levels drop as well. Which is not very good for back to school season. It happens that the sun, along with it’s harmful and not so harmful Vitamin D rays, plays an important role on our moods, how we think, and act accordingly. As the temperature goes higher, there’s a greater possibility that you’d be happier, willing to volunteer, help others, be more motivated to get a jump start on the day and even, shop more. As it happens, that when you’re happy, all the stresses of life simply take the back seat and your at-the-moment happiness takes the wheel. So yeah, you’ll go crazy on those summer sales, and the weather attributes to that. You’re actually more likely to say yes to opportunities and adventures during spring and summer time than during fall season. Which kind of explains a lot.

While during fall and winter, you might mindfully be pumped about the thought of wearing that awesome sweater you bought on sale during the summertime, you are more likely to not really feel ‘it’. As the weather gets colder, your muscles need more energy to move your body, and with the lack of sun and heat you’re more likely to feel slow, tired and just unable to do your everyday tasks efficiently.

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD (The irony) is actually a real thing. Those cloudy days might look cozy and inviting to some, however it could help increase the levels of depression. Making it harder to think, move or be active as your body requires a moderate temperature, thanks to the sun, to keep going at it and achieving those goals!

So yeah, all you winter lovers out-there, it might seem like the best time of the year (one that’s highly anticipated) however, with these notes in mind, you’ll mindfully know when you’re starting to slip off and feel your performance going downwards and actually start and pick up the pace yourself.

It could be through reading a new book, re-watching Narcos for the fourth time or buying a new pair of gloves. Just find something you know will brighten your mood and inspire you. Because you’re the one in charge of how your day goes.