Now Trending: Egypt’s Streets Witnessing a New Campaign Buzz

Egypt’s streets is full with nothing but billboards now. But not every billboard catches people’s attention easily. Recently however our attention was caught by this teaser that is making us wonder what is going on. It’s almost everywhere we go now that we find a billboard carrying the message “إحنا_موجودين#”.

If you are a curious person, as we are, you must be wondering like us; what is behind these billboards that left us with no signs other than this comforting message that we don’t know its meaning?

We can’t keep guessing what’s behind these messages and we believe that it’s one of the things making this ad already exciting and entertaining. Who doesn’t love to play some games with their friends and place bets on what teasers could be? We believe everyone does! And there is nothing cleverer than a teaser that keeps you wondering and waiting. And that is exactly how we are feeling after seeing the latest billboards for  “إحنا_موجودين#”.

Is it something new? Or is it a brand that we already know? Is it an offer or is it a new service? We will have to wait and see!
Anyone wants to place a bet?