Omar Kamal: The Newest Promising Jazz Sensation!

A pure emotional sound. Singing and moving freely between the different styles of music; classic, swing-jazz and Arabic music. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Omar Kamal.

Who is Omar?

He is a Palestinian singer who had been born in Nablus and is 24 years old. He might be young but he had been rising through the jazz community since late 2014. He studied and had conducted a masters in engineering in the United Kingdom, as it was his family’s wish. After finishing his masters, he started to focus again on his dream to become a singer, and by that time he had participated in many musical events during the time he was at college.

After a concert in Ramallah, Sony Middle East had appeared on his musical path, which led to him signing a contract with them, making an album titled Serenade, and releasing it this year.

Omar’s Voice

What is so promising about Omar’s voice is that he has a baritone voice like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. It is mature, rich and comfy. If his voice ever had a color, it will be dark, smooth and smoky; like a cup of hot chocolate in a cold, rainy, winter night. What is so special about that kind of voice is that as his owner gets older, the sweeter, more mature and richer it gets. Just like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole.

"Talk about class…Omar’s got quite a bit of it" - 23 time Grammy Award winner Al Schmitt

Songs, Medleys & Music

It is essential to define the meaning of swing for the non-Jazz music listeners: “The term “swing” has broad associations. For one thing, it refers to a particular lilting rhythmic style that is based on a triplet subdivision of the beat.” And “swing also refers to the style of jazz that was popular from roughly 1930 until around World War II.”

Omar’s specialized in Jazz-Swing music singing “till now!”, and he conducted many medleys in English, Arabic and French in swing rhythmic style, like the medley that he made by collecting four Egyptian classic songs .

He showed a great understanding of music while he was explaining to Mona El Shazly during his appearance on her show the techniques of his music philosophy and medleys. How he had turned Abd El Wahab and Um Kalthom music which included parts with a swing foundation, into full swing-rhythm music.

He entertained us with his outstanding music, rhythms, melodies and his warm voice that reflects a deep understanding of “music as a language”, giving us as the final result: simple, beautiful, and easy-going music that combines swing and classical with the original Arabian music in a form that will help upraise the standards and taste of the Arabic music listener.

He had announced in the show that he is planning to perform a tour in Egypt within 2018.

One last word..

Omar, you are the Middles East’s Sinatra, not only Palestine’s.

Treat your ears with one of his medleys.