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5 Personalities You Should Never Accept in Your Life!

Every day is a new beginning for us, a chance to embark on new adventures, meet new interesting people, and grow, in every sense of the word. But sometimes, the people in our lives don’t exactly help us accomplish that. We all know a couple of people here and there, that suck the lives out of us, and depress and frustrate us, and life can be really hard to swallow on it’s own. Many things happen through out a single day that are capable of changing our mood and our entire course of life. Some through personal choices we make, and others by the different interactions we make, whether positive or negative. Negative people affect us more than you’d like to know, and there are 5 types of people in particular that you need to avoid.

Negative People

We all know one of those, and they are not the best people to have around! They are excellent at diffusing their negative auras around you, and are very creative in finding a handful of reasons to be negative. They might have a valid reason for why they have such a negative outlook on life, but you need to think of yourself and your well-being. Having negative people around you will only consume you and wear you out. You either try to help them change, or keep a distance.

Judgmental People

Their mission on this earth is to judge and control people. They don’t believe in ‘live and let live!’, they don’t believe that each individual has the right to live however way they choose. Learn to say no when you need to, shut them away, and never be mindful of what they might think. The only person living your life, is you!

Double-Faced People

These kinds of people might not see it as being double-faced, and might even think that it’s a point of strength and the smartest thing to be. Like someone with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), you’re not sure which face you’re speaking to, and you’re not sure which face they’ll reveal to other people about you, in your absence. They might assume that people don’t see this, but we’re on to them.

Overly Dramatic People

Dramatic people are most likely to engage in gossip, and gossip, and more gossip. As long as you’re surrounded by them, you will be spending your entire life consumed with other people’s businesses and stirring up trouble, with no meaning or substance. Some common traits of dramatic people are being childish, and over-reacting. Avoid them at all costs.

Envious People

Envious people will always trivialize your own accomplishments. They will always make you feel worse about yourself, your plans and where you’re trying to fit in. Even if life is being good to them, they will never be satisfied, because they are constantly comparing themselves to everyone around them. Stay away from them because they will never wish you well.

We need to stop letting people into our circle and sabotage it. Your circle is a place of comfort, safety and self-acceptance, a place where you feel good about yourself, your accomplishments, and your place in the world in general. Now is your time! You don’t have to cut them off completely, but learn how to limit their presence, and which parts of your life you get to share with them and involve them in.

5 Personalities You Should Never Accept in Your Life!


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