I Set My Phone On Airplane Mode For One Week And It Was Liberating!

So I did this thing. I didn’t really mean for it to happen. But it did. Exactly one week ago, I put up my iPhone on airplane mode and it was probably the best decision I’ve done in a while.

Following a few issues here and there, the voices of adulthood were just too loud to shut out. I couldn’t control the matters or situations that are happening to me. It was getting way out of control, and I’m a Capricorn, so by my horoscope’s nature, all this disorder was just stressing me out way more than it should. And it’s also native for me to fight.

So to get a bit of control back in, I shut my phone off. I couldn’t reach anyone, and no one could reach me. I couldn’t access my email, couldn’t see notifications or texts. I was invisible to the technology run world. But I was in control.

At this day and age, it was expected to get some weird and concerned comments from friends and family, but I just wanted a break from everything. It wasn’t really a valuable answer, but no one would understand. I wanted to go back in the past, to how simple it was. Want to see your friends? You go out and see them at the usual place. Want to chat, well, I kind of cheated on this ‘cleanse’ by using my laptop’s email and chatting.

This experiment, if you will, still proved a point. That during a time where the people around couldn’t, for five minutes straight, remove those weightless objects off their hands, being fully depended and consumed with it, I survived one week without it. And let me tell you, I feel like the weight of Jupiter has been taken off my chest.

Using my phone as an iPod, I was dealing. Even without a phone, I could still find the people waiting for me at a café, without the annoying phone call of ‘I’m here, where are you?’. We’ve all been blinded by the concept of calling or texting someone if you can’t find them right in front of you. When put in that situation, all you have to do is just walk the extra distance and clear those eyeballs of yours.

This week showed me that, yes, with how technological the world is getting, you can still survive without a phone. A simple post-it note on my door letting my family know where I’m going and when to expect me back gave me a sense of nostalgia. Like how it was done in the good old days. Something I’ve yearned and searched for, for a long, long time.

And I got it. I found it! Through spending one week with my phone on airplane mode. Even though I’m not traveling anywhere, I actually am. I’m going on a trip, exploring my mind. Which, by the way, costs so much less than a plane ticket these days, and even gives a higher sense of satisfaction.

Life can be handled; you just need to find your own means of controlling it. And if you’re feeling the same as I was before I hopped on this little life-changing journey of mine, then try it. It’s a mind opening experience, and it’s one that will be marked down in the books, one that I will cherish forever.