Prevalent Notions: Is There A Price Tag On Happiness?

One chilly morning, on my usual walk with a friend before we head to work, she showed me a scarf her boyfriend had gotten her as a gift. She praised it while expressing her gratitude towards him and his sweet gesture, only hesitantly. Perhaps she was thinking what I was thinking too. It was the ugliest scarf I had ever seen.

Knowing his intentions to impress her and make her happy, I could totally understand the sincerity behind his horrid selection, but what I couldn’t swallow or wrap my head around, was when she told me, that after tracking down the store, she evidently found out scarves there were sold for EGP 800. EGP 800 for a damn scarf made of cotton. Not even Egyptian cotton for cryin’ out loud!

Through the rest of the time we took to get to work, I kept observing people, watching them and wondering what kinds of lies they tell themselves to justify paying God-knows-how-much for God-knows-what. With the current dollar travesty affecting our economy, you’d think people would learn, but no, once a consumerist, always a consumerist.


"The new slavery is consumerism." - Bryant H. McGill

It is a well-known fact that we are so immersed in the endless cycle of investing in tangible and materialistic things, so much so, we forget to live. To Egyptians, the more shit you buy, the happier you’ll be. Your success is directly proportional to what you own. Your success has nothing to do with how happy, satisfied, or content you are. It has nothing to do with raising good, well-behaved and mannered children. It has nothing to do with maintaining and sustaining good healthy relationships with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances.


Fortunately, the Egyptian youth is sick, tired, and trying to break free from the shackles. Every now and then, we get to hear of Egyptian youngsters who take proactive steps into changing the youth culture, or a couple who decide to stray away from the norm by living in a rental, or skipping the wedding to begin with.


There is no right or wrong! You want to throw a wedding bash? Do it! You want to spend shit loads of money on a car upgrade? Please, by all means! But just know that these things do not guarantee happiness nor sadness, neither fulfillment nor emptiness.

True happiness is measured by how you choose to be remembered, and what you plan on doing about it. It is when the war zone that is your mind, gets fired up over something of value, to yourself. It is when you build an established career for yourself because you fucking love what you do and you’ve been doing it for so long you got so good. It is when you’re proactive and engaged in a cause you believe in, and see the results, and it feels so damn euphoric!


There’s so much to life than the crap you got stuffed in your closets and drawers. We all have endless potentials, in an endless universe. The possibilities, once you figure out your true mission on Earth, are infinite. Use the time you have here to create something that will last far longer than YOU! Only then, you will be truly happy, and no price tag can be put on that!