Proof That News Reporters Are Just Puppets For The Media

Since 1984, TVs were spread around the world like wildfire. During that time, the need to know everything, occurring whether it’s in a specific country or from around the world without having to wait till next day to see it printed on newspapers, was massive. However now with social media, people can know what’s happening anywhere around the world from the luxury of their smartphones.

Still, people reside to keeping up with, what might seem like the traditional way, watching the news anchors as they talk more about the events of the day, even if it’s been on everyone’s mouths since the morning. There’s still something comforting and assuring about it, to be honest. But as it happens, all around the world, most of the news anchors you see sitting in large spaces, with big round glass tables, cups of who knows what, papers and nowadays, a tablet are fake. They’re just puppets to the media, reading papers and scripts of whatever it is the governments want the public to know.

With hundreds of employees working behind the camera, monitoring every move, lip-syncing every word. The Egyptian media has had its fair share of being biased and fake.

And it all kind of seemed true when a video was shared on Facebook Monday, May 15th 2017 of Amr Adeeb and his wife Lamis El Hadidi, apparently having an extra fun night out with friends celebrating her birthday with cake and all. The Egyptian social media went crazy, taking still photos showing the, what looks like a really expensive, piece of jewelry, along with a photo of people begging for money.

They are the two news reporters that encourage the act of minimalism, by decreasing your purchases and only living by what is necessary, in order to help the country’s economy. Even condemning people who think against the idea by just leaving the country if they don’t want to help the country thrive.

Well, that seems a bit odd. How can someone, with the responsibility of spreading a message to his or her country’s public, be so hypocritical! Is that diamond, or whatever expensive type of jewelry it is, really that important to you? Is it something you can’t live without?

Let’s presume it was a gift, people who follow the minimalist lifestyle would probably give it away or sell it to buy their necessities for the next two years.

No one really likes being lied to. But as it so happens, social media is helping with that, updating on whatever news that is going on. It’s funny, how as technology advances, more truths are uncovered.

Here’s the video that got around on social media:

So, what do you think?