12 Amazing Ramadan Desserts that are worth the long fast!

It’s Ramadan! The high time that we give credit to the most mouthwatering Ramadan Desserts and creative creations. Every year we are blown away by the number of ways dessert shops innovate in making Kunafa! Brace yourselves for the upcoming photos out of heaven, full rich creamy goodness!


Nola Cupcakes going oriental and taking the market by storm!


1. Konafa Volano

2. Lotus NOLA Pot

House of Cocoa, The best chocolatier with a scent of Ramadan

3. Ramadan Chocolate Fondue


4. Coffee and Caramel Kunafa Tart


Coppermelt, The perfect addition to the dessert world

5. Zalabya Cheesecake


6. Nutella Om Ali and Mahalabeya with flavors


Brew & Chew, The Belgian chocolate masters are on top of the game

7. Kunafa Caramel Fireball


Photo credit: elmenus

8. Molten Kunafa


Photo credit: elmenus

Dukes, The creamiest and classiest dessert shop in town

9. Red Velvet Kunafa Dome


10. Nutella Baklava Tart


It’s a summerish Ramadan and Sultana Icecream is into the competition

11. Kunafa Ice Cream


12. Ghazal Beirut with Icecream



For all the chocoholics, the orientals even the “not into desserts” people: Have a sweet Ramadan!