Ramadan Telecom Campaigns: High on Budget, Low on Creativity.

Ramadan is TV season. We so eagerly wait for the series and the ads that will be showing on our screens, along the biggest campaigns by the biggest brands. Every year, we are bombarded with thousands of ads that touch us or entertain us in a way or another. Some ads make us feel nostalgic, others blast us into laughter, while other succeed in making us shed tears. Every brand has always had a diverse approach for creating a buzz and leaving a mark that lasts even after the holy month is over.

Telecom companies have always taken a big part in this competition, as there are always discussions that spark up between friends and families on who has seen the latest ad and what they thought of it. Telecom parties have even taken it to the level of teasing each other in their ads and creating a huge debate between the audiences a couple of years ago. This year, however, telecoms have disappointed us with the lack of creativity in their ads which are barely different from last years’ ones, only less entertaining.

Looking at Vodafone’s commercial this year, we find that they have been executing the same ideas for the last 3 years without trying to put any effort to create something new. Celebrity endorsement seems to be what Vodafone knows best when it comes to advertising. Getting a lot of celebrities together to sing a song that will eventually stick in the back of our heads by repeating it every commercial break is what Vodafone has been basically doing for 3 campaigns in a row now. It’s time Vodafone created something new, besides spending a lot of money to pay celebrities to be featured on their ads.

Orange’s commercial this year was a disappointment too. Although the telecom company has never failed to create a buzz with their ads in the last couple of years, this year ads did not meet many of audience’s expectations at all. Orange has basically done the same thing they have done the last year, only getting Mohamed Heneidy to feature this year’s ad and trying to make the copy funnier. Other than that, there is nothing different about the ad. Heneidy is mashing a couple of iconic songs together with different lyrics relatable to Ramadan’s day-to-day situations that we all go through, the words however hardly rhyme together.

Moving to Etisalat, we will also find that they did the exact same thing they did the year before. Different shots from different life situations filled with positive vibes and energy, add to this a happy song playing in the background. If there is something new that Etisalat has done this year, it is that Assala is not singing the ad’s song this time, but Hamaki is featuring too. Moreover, we never understand why Etisalat never tries to relate to Ramadan or the Ramadan’s spirit in any of their ads although it’s two competitions (Vodafone and Etisalat) always make sure they do so.