Make The Most Out Of Ramadan With These Tips!

Growing up, Ramadan has always been one of our favorite times of the year, we eagerly and impatiently anticipate the arrival of the first day of Ramadan. Watching the moon over the days to turn into a crescent has been one of the most exciting things to witness every year. You feel that Ramadan spirit is washing all over your household and your family but for some reason, we tend to get exhausted and unorganized during Ramadan. Our bodies and minds are not used to the new routine of fasting for long hours, working, and attending to other daily commitments. Changing our life routine will disturb us a little bit, however, from now on you will no longer feel this struggle. These tips will make you feel more comfortable, organized and at ease. Get excited about making the most out of the Holy month with these tips!

Plan It

The first thing you should plan for is your own plans and goals for this month. Include in that plan all your goals regarding health, religion, work, relationships and all that could come in between. Know what you want to do and achieve during this month. Be specific in your goals just to be organized about your everyday routine.

Time Is Money

Your time is precious and really important, especially in Ramadan as time tends to slip away from us without us even knowing. Number 1 rule is to never waste your time watching Ramadan TV series. It’s better you plan to do other beneficial things. Go to the gym, do a hobby that you love or even listen to someone who needs a friend. TV’s fun, but make sure it doesn’t constitute the majority of your Ramadan activities.

Eat Healthy

Take care of your health and weight. We know no one can resist eating the mouthwatering Ramadan oriental desserts and food. Watch out for your weight, stay healthy and eat fresh fruits and nuts instead. There are a lot of healthier choices available to eat during this season.

Drink Your Water

Stay hydrated and kill your fear of being thirsty, dizzy and suffering headaches during fasting. Water is essential for your body to function properly during the long fasting hours of the day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Get Enough Sleep

Our lifestyles completely change during Ramadan as our working hours, eating, and sleeping schedules change which affect us negatively. Our bodies during Ramadan will struggle but all you need is to give your body the sleep it needs. Try to sleep from 6- 8 hours in order to be able to function properly and go on about your daily errands.

Get Picky

We all love going out and discovering new cafes and restaurants, which we most certainly do no suffer a shortage of. But during Ramadan, when you’re in the midst of the fun and games of a family gathering or a friends outing, the last thing you need is a bad experience at Iftar or Suhoor. Make sure you choose a place that you have already tried before or have heard very good reviews from close friends and people of the same taste as you.

Let the Ramadan spirit be all over your place. Prepare for your home, work or anywhere you spend most of your time at by getting Ramadan decorations as it will certainly add festive vibes to your atmosphere! Let Ramadan take over your life, and Ramadan will indeed be Kareem!