It Looks Like This Ramadan Is Going To Be A Stretch From Creativity

Ramadan cannot be completed without its famous TV shows. Which has been the mindset set up only a few years back. It’s something that everyone waits for each year, anticipating who’s going to make the best show, acting performance, and script. It’s kind of an embedded tradition in Egyptian mindsets, now it’s kind of getting out of hand, but regardless, it’s something a lot of people anticipate.

Year by year, the number of TV shows increase, making the competition grow. Which inevitably should make the writers and producers come up with unique, thought-provoking ideas that will have everyone talking. But, as it happens, that’s not really the case with this year’s Ramadan TV shows.

Other than ‘Alahom Eny Sayem’, the name speaks for itself, but the one TV show that’s getting more buzz before its first episode airs is the one starring Yasmin Abd El Aziz called ‘Harbana Menaha’. Just looking at the just released poster would give you a sense of déjà vu. Because as it so happens, the TV show might be very similar to the idea of the worldly famous, called masterpiece by some, ‘Split’, by M. Night Shyamalan that was released early this year.

Social media is buzz-talking about why can’t Egyptians just make a unique story? The TV show will definitely have its own story, but the origins are quite the same. Is it because the movie was a huge hit in Egypt, that they wanted to make one in the hopes of getting the same spotlight? Some people are even joking about the fact that most Egyptians don’t really understand the movie, so they’re making a more underneath, Arabic version to it. Which is something debatable, to be frank.

When will it stop? Does the media still not realize that this is unacceptable? Especially during a time where the most creative and thought-provoking commercials, TV shows and game shows are all trying to get the highest buzz. Originality can come in a variety of ways and there are perfect examples for that.

Remember two years ago when ‘Taht El Saytara’ came out? It had its own story, it was a hundred percent Egyptian and spoke of the struggles and underground life of drugs in Egypt. It was relatable to some and shocking to others. It actually helped people dealing with drug issues find a nirvana.

At the end of the day, the TV show succeeded without getting any influence from foreign stories. Which should be the case with any creative work.

Some say, that using a copied idea would get buzz on its own. Which is true, but that really isn’t the kind of ‘buzz’ one should be looking for. As there’s a very thin line between a positive and negative buzz.

It Looks Like This Ramadan Is Going To Be A Stretch From Creativity