How A Random Trip To the Beach Helped Me Feel At Ease!

By Karim Sekouty

The other day I went on a little getaway. I took the day off and decided to travel to ease my mind. I’ve spent most of the time reflecting upon my life; so many questions and so many concerns. And being consumed by thoughts I decided to go to the beach. Being proximate to water especially a beach; has always had its grip on me. The sound of the waves crashing, the cold breeze, the smell, the cold sand; it all attributes to that moment of pure serenity, where everything would seize to exist but my thoughts and myself. So here I find myself on the beach at 2:00 AM, knee deep in water; literally and metaphorically, a cloudy head and a sense of loss.

“What do I want? What worries me? I need to resolve this.”

I read somewhere about this meditation technique; where you’d write your worries on the beach and watch as the waves erase them. I decided to follow along that and give it a try. I wrote 4 things on the beach and I stood there watching.
First I wrote Work. How is that I would grow? How would I achieve my dreams? Am I doing enough? What would be my next move?
Second I wrote The Future; What does it hold for me? Where would I be a couple of years from now? How is it looking? Can I change it? Can I do something differently to better it?
Third I wrote Love. What is love and how would you authenticate it. What proof or reasoning you have for it, nothing.
Fourth I wrote Money. Why it is always an issue even though I never struggled with the lack of it? This doesn’t even make sense.
I always thought of this sarcastically and gave it a try to just have a shot at it, but what happened made me realize that it wasn’t the action; rather the process.

I stood there looking at the words, and watching each and every one of them carefully, waiting and anticipating which one would go first. A wave came in and brushed away Love first. I found it unusual as its been placed in the middle, but as it was going distant I was thinking of how love is not even considered a worry and that it shouldn’t be set as a problem or an item to think about. It will hit in the right time to leave an impression worthy. I then shifted my gaze onto the other words. I stood there for a long 15 minutes just observing, not a single wave brushed away any of the other words.

Later on a wave came by brushing across the shore, with a breeze of cold air and Work was washed away. Being a success-driven person and having a constant hunger for success; this has attributed to the fact that work has been a worry. After its been brushed away, it became clearer that work will take its natural course and I will be able to succeed, and my success is driven by only my passion and determination to succeed. As I took it off my mind, it eased my mind a bit, then I started to believe in this meditation technique and decided to take a more serious position towards it.

Next was The Future. It took a while for a wave to come by and wash it away. I was clueless and I thought “What I’d do to know the future and what it holds for me!”, giving it a second to sink in. Closed my eyes and gave in to my thoughts and the future from my point of view; realizing that this was my dream and this is my passion driving me at that moment. It isn’t about knowing, it’s about the journey, the ups and downs, the rush of success, the disappointment of failure and the urge to move past the failure and turn it all into an unstoppable success. My thoughts have been roaring and flowing like the sea. I momentarily forgot about my activity and focused on this train of thought; I look down and the word had been washed away already and I’d already made my peace with it.

What now remains is Money. I never struggled with money, “This isn’t what life is all about!”, I thought to myself. Surely I want luxury cars, watches, trips and just live pampered, yet I wouldn’t die without them, and if I had all the previous points; I wouldn’t believe that money would be the thing that would make me miserable nor make life worth it. I turned my back on that last in my opinion now least relevant concern. Money comes and goes and life goes on, it’s about how to cherish life and live to the fullest with what you have and strive for more than just a materialistic approach.

As I walked away from all this, I felt more relieved, more alive. I felt weightless and content. But my tip is this;

Cherish the ones you love for they will make the world beyond bearable, love yourself enough to live how you’re supposed to according to you; not how people dictate you.
Work will always be a challenge, whether it’s fun or not but it will always be a challenge to overcome. Don’t lose yourself overcoming your challenges and you shall be successful. The future is a mystery, let it be. Stay in the present and keep working towards your dreams, goals and passion, for they control your actions and will lead you to the best of results and help you achieve all you wish for.
As for money, leave its worries behind. You will get what you deserve one way or another, just believe, be thankful for what you have and all good things come to those who wait.