4 Real Horror Stories That Will Creep You Out For Halloween

Halloween is both a celebratory and creepy time for most people. Gone are the times when scary stories were actually, scary. These days, October 31st is filled with nothing but fake blood and silly costumes. But that doesn’t mask the fact that scary things do actually happen every day. We talked to people around the office and gathered a lot of spooky, real events that occurred to them. And when’s the best time to tell these real goosebumpy tales than the time when the veil between the living and the dead is thin?

Tale One

‘It was a morning like any other, it was a day off for me I think, because I wasn’t awoken by the annoying alarm. I usually sleep with the lights on, for an over-stayed fear of the dark that still haunts me, so I could see pretty clear even with the blinds shut.

Sleeping on my left side, facing the door, I felt a tentative hand touch my shoulder, which might be the reason why I actually woke up. I opened my eyes a little bit to find my door opened a bit. And upon hearing my mothers voice from the other room, I thought she came in to check up on me. So I shrugged it off and just went back for another five-minute nap.

After a couple of turns I finally woke up, but once I looked to my left, the door was closed shut. Confused, because I swear the door was open just minutes ago and would have heard the door’s routine click when it closes. I got up, opened the door and went to look for my mother, only to find her room empty. I check the whole house and couldn’t find her anywhere, so I called her to find that she’s been at work, like every day. I faked the nervousness in my noise and checked the time. It was one in the afternoon on a Tuesday, and I was alone in the house this whole time.‘

Tale Two

‘I’m usually the type who wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, so waking up that night wasn’t unusual for me. At the time, I was living in a four-building apartment complex, with my husband and I on the last floor and the second and third are empty. Regardless of the weird voices, we kept hearing on different occasions, we just didn’t really give that much attention to them. So on a random day, I happened to wake up to use the bathroom, walking past the mirror something caught my attention.

The right side of my pajama was covered in black dust, similar to the ashes of charcoal. It came off my fingers as I inspected with a few tries, yet, I didn’t understand where it could have possibly come from. It was late and I was still a bit sleepy. So I just went back to bed and forgot about it. The next day went by and I didn’t even think about the events of the previous night. However, I still woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and this time, it wasn’t black charcoal ashes staining the upper side of my pajamas. It was blood.

Screaming, I woke my husband up and inspected the cream colored sheets. They were clean. The source of the stain still remains unknown, as my distressed husband and I packed our belongings and left the apartment in the middle of the night.’

Tale Three

‘There are always these superstitions that most people believe in. Like breaking a mirror, opening an umbrella indoors, passing by a black cat, or even not showing your wedding dress to the groom before the wedding for fear it might cause bad luck. I was never one to believe in those, up until the day my father passed away. For the three days that followed, a black cat suddenly appeared on our doorstep, and it was there every day. I’ve always believed in spirits and that they can, in a way, mask an animal’s form. It’s weird I know, but it’s just another superstition I, for one, believe in.

On the third day, the cat was still there, never before seen until the recent events. I don’t know what came over me at the time, but I found myself sitting down beside the cat and initiated a conversation. ‘Are you my dad?’ I asked, to which the cat nodded in a humane manner. It felt like I was speaking with another human, but the non-verbal answer I received urged me to ask more. I asked, ‘Are you okay?’, to which I received another nod. ‘Are you satisfied with me?’, there was another nod.

Ever since then, passing by a black cat always reminds me of that day, the day when I was talking to a cat, that may have been a vessel for my father’s spirit.’

Tale Four

‘I was staying over at a friend’s house, talking about life and it’s messiness. Another friend was on his way to come over and join us, so my other friend suggested we play Ouija. Now, getting the Ouija board in Egypt is kind of impossible, so our only solution was to print out the board’s layout and follow the Internet’s instructions.

As the printer took the task and was in the process of printing, the on and off button suddenly started to switch on its own. Failing to successfully print the whole picture. A bit confused, we thought we could just send the photo to our friend who was still on his way over to print it on his way. Upon sending the message, my friend and I started to smell something burning, the chip inside the printer was the source.

We should have taken that as the first sign, but we still sent the link for the photo to our friend to print it. While doing so, the printer moved an inch on the table, right before our very eyes. Another sign that we simply just shrugged the creepiness out off. Our friend came with the printed Ouija board, and we sat down in a circle, to adjust the board towards us. My friend picked up the piece of paper lightly, to adjust its posture and it literally tore apart in his hands. Like taking a piece of paper and tearing it with force.

Laughing nervously, we didn’t know what was going on, but that was yet, another sign. One I just couldn’t ignore. So I just faked being tired and went straight to bed.’

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Happy Halloween!