5 Reasons Why Egyptians’ Driving Skills Is Proof We’re Narcissists!

Egyptian traffic is a nightmare for everyone. No one can ever deny how much of a major contributing factor it is to how stressed we all are, even though no one tries to do anything about it. Egyptian traffic exhibits and portrays one very dominant trait through the insane driving skills we have. Narcissism. When I say Narcissism, I mean it the way it is defined in psychology textbooks, the excessive interest in oneself and preferring one’s interest over everyone else. Tell us something we don’t already know. It is very obvious in how Egyptian’s drive, and the mannerisms accompanying it. Want to know how? Here we go.

1) We take U-turns from the very last lane of the street with no concerns of the jam we're causing whatsoever.

We are in a rush and our time is precious. So no, we will not wait in a long line to take a U-turn, instead, we will just go to the very right lane of the street and we will take it from there. It doesn’t matter if this will cause more traffic or might even cause an accident, our appointments and meeting are above everything else.

2) We don't have the patience for people to park even though their parking light might be on.

How could someone possibly dare to let us wait while they park their car? Even if your parking light is on, no we won’t wait for a few minutes so you can park, our time is surely much more important than yours, so we will just start honking and stress you out until you either let us pass or tensely finish while we disturb you.

3) We don't only 2nd row park, we might even 3rd row park too.

We don’t care if those cars parking on the first row might want to get out. If we don’t find a parking spot we will just second or even third-row park. It doesn’t cross our mind that someone might be in a rush and might not have the time to look for us so we can let them out. If they can’t wait, they will try to find us or figure out themselves.

4) We don't mind taking risks and going the wrong way if this will save us time and traffic!

Because time is definitely more precious than lives. Or sometimes even if it’s not because of time, we are too lazy to drive 5 or 10 more seconds to take a turn from the right route, why take the right way or turn when you can take the wrong one right in front of you anyway?

5) We also don't mind going through the slow lane and then taking someone's place if that will save us time and let us avoid traffic.

We don’t mind taking someone’s place anyway. We are clever drivers and going from one lane to another is our thing. And if there is traffic we get even more clever even if this means taking the slow lane and then jumping in between those cars who have been waiting for hours. Isn’t that what those slow lanes are made for?

Are you guilty of any of the above? Or suffering? Or maybe both? Let us know in the comments!