Recent #ThisIsEgypt Posts You Need To See!

Like any day of the week, I scroll through my alternating social media feeds after long days at work for some low-key entertainment. Some accounts and hashtags I am more keen on following than others, including one hashtag in particular, the famous and ever growing #ThisIsEgypt hashtag. #ThisIsEgypt is more than just a hashtag, it is a community and a platform for anyone, Egyptian and non-Egyptian, who chooses to see the beauty in Egypt. Professional or amateur photographers, writers, artists, or just average Instagram users who like to document their daily lives, the hashtag has become a gallery and a form of expression. An expression of gratitude, pride and love towards the country, showcasing it’s ethnic beauty and hidden gems. This hashtag has been existing for a while, but it hasn’t perished yet. On the contrary, more and more content is being shared with this hashtag on a daily basis, and they are quite spectacular.

Wanting to stay updated, I recently followed the hashtag to spot out the new images that are being created and captured. Check them out below.