Reserve Dinner Tables Easily and Quickly With TableBot!

We’ve all been through those times when we would endlessly look for our favorite restaurant’s phone number to call and reserve a table, only to be completely ignored and have no one answer our call. And for the majority of us, the unlucky ones, the ones who aren’t famous, or aren’t social media influencers that get invited to new restaurant openings, this whole process gets to our nerves, specially when wanting to try new restaurants.

But, a new innovative online application was launched a few months ago that is set to solve all your problems and make your reservations a lot easier.


An online chatbot that let’s you converse with a robot like you do with any other living individual and ask him to do your restaurant-hunting tasks for you. From online-reserving a table for you, to giving you options for new places to try, to getting you discounts for venues that are currently offering. TableBot is very easy to use, all you need to do is search for the Facebook page, open messages, and click on “Get started”. The robot will start introducing itself to you, followed by answering all your inquiries and giving you information you require. Marvin the robot, will give you up to 8 restaurant choices as a beginning, but if you need more options or restaurants that fall under other categories, he will give you the results that you seek as well.

Say goodbye to the worries of reserving a table over the phone, or not knowing where to go in the first place! This Chatbot will definitely make eating out an enjoyable experience.