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Rest In Peace “Old Folk”

“Summer” has always been that special thing that connects people and helps them get some rest and relax.

Each one of us not only grieves at the passing of The Old Folk, but also for the pain we all suffer. Despite the fact that in the meantime, it’s hard to handle any more bad news, we are relieved that his passing was peaceful and painless.

In order to save some time, we summarized the whole idea of losing Summer in the following points,

1- What to wear was the last thing for the Old Folk to think about.

2- When it comes to nightlife, we’re sorry to tell you that riding a bike, flying your Kite, playing cards, and tamasil eskendria are all in the past now.

3- Face the problem and be honest to yourself . There’s no more “fakrak ya nasini”, “Ice cream fi December”, “3eini. 3eini. nefsi w mona 3eini”. Now, all we can hear are noisy beats and tracks.

4- “What? Insta-what? I don’t get it?”
That was the old folk’s answer when he was asked about his opinion about Social media, before he left.

5- Remember that Movie night that used to take over 6 hours long? When you watched El-lembi, Mafia & Sehr el oyoun, all in one night?

6- On his last days, The Old folk was murmuring “I will miss you too, I’m happy I took place in your life, remember me for I’ll come anytime you need me. Watching you having fun, while playing in the sand and making fun & pranks with your family members brought me happiness. I’m just not feeling like home, the place is so much different now, when there’s a place for me I will be here right away.”

We are sorry to be the bearers of the sad news, but we couldn’t help but involving you with our sadness.

The only question that remains unanswered is, Will we ever feel the happiness & the spirit of The Old Folk ever again?

Rest In Peace “Old Folk”

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