Know Why Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is not the best!

The new Star Wars movie ‘Rouge One: A Star Wars Story’ has hit theaters December 14th, 2016.  The eight motion pictures to the franchise. While it’s plot begins way before the events of the first original movie ‘Star Wars A New Hope’ dating back to 1977. With an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.3/10 rating on IMDb, the movie seems to be doing great!

Any movie created after a legacy of classics such as the Star Wars franchise needs to send that sense of nostalgia with every new movie. However, it doesn’t really seem like so. There are many attributes that most failed to recognize, or they really aren’t true Star Wars fans to notice these key elements were missing. This is a spoiler-free review so read as you may!

The Theme Song Is Missing
Know why Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is not the best!

Just the mere mention of Star Wars brings nostalgic memories and it’s unique theme song to play in your mind. Now, can you imagine the fact that this musical masterpiece isn’t included in the eighth episode ‘Rouge One’?  Rather a remix that has no connection to its amazing predecessor.

Other than that, the famous opening credits – that Star Wars was most popular for, was missing from this episode as well. Leaving diehard fans still waiting for the opening credits that never came.

Underdeveloped Characters
Know why Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is not the best!

The synopsis of the film is about a group of people, unlikely to do extraordinary things, who end up saving the day. Whereas the main character of the movie ‘Jyn Erso’ is a Mary Sue. The character who’s flawless. They can do anything whenever the time comes. However, these characters defy reality, as now one is, in fact, perfect.

Think about it, Donald Duck may be more favored than Mickey Mouse because he has anger issues. The same with Goofy because he’s a bit stupid. While Mickey seems to be the savior of the day at the end of each story. No one loves a Mary Sue, and it’s really hard when the main character in an important movie is like that.

Other than the main character, the others seem to be underdeveloped. Whether if they live or die didn’t really matter when there’s no emotional attachment between the viewer and the character. Minding the fact that there are way too characters you may not remember most of them by the time the movie ends.

Slow Paced
Know why Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is not the best!

The movie, taking up 2 hours and 13 minutes of your time, wasn’t really well spaced out. The introduction seemed to be a bit long and it took some time to get in the action. Whereas there were a lot of different scenes, jumping from place to place. But the actual story took a bit of time to reveal.

CGI Characters

While the CGI has advanced greatly throughout the years. It still hasn’t reached the point where you replace a real live actor with graphics. The actor Peter Cushing who plays Grand Moff Tarkin in the first episode died in 1994. However, the producers seemed to be too attached to how the character looked that they wouldn’t re-cast and instead used CGI. As stated, it’s not like it wouldn’t be obvious. That it’s not a real person behind the camera. It honestly didn’t look that flattering.

Moreover, the movie seems to be enjoyed by some. Whether you are one of them or not, it’s still a Star Wars movie nonetheless. You can play the theme track on your own to set the mood right.

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