Run like a hijabi cause Nike just did it!

Happy news for all the Muslim women who struggle hard to find modest fitness clothes. Someone has heard you and not anyone but the best sportswear worldwide. Nike has launched a new line just for hijabi athletes.

Nike has officially announced their plans to launch Nike pro Hijab, a sportswear collection that are modest and hijab-friendly and will be launched and available at the stores in spring 2018.


It is important to mention that Nike is taking an initiative to promote diversity and inclusion. The announcement came after a viral video campaign featuring well-known Middle Eastern female athletes. The video was named “What will they say about you” and it was hit and shared extensively especially in the Middle East.

The new garments and designs were tested on hijab-wearing athletes including the campaign stars and Nike+ Run club. Nike has used mesh-like material, the lightweight polyester piece is made for breathability and in a stretch-fit. The design features an elongated back to avoid it becoming untucked during performing. And the Nike swooshes too.

One of the campaign stars, Manal Rostom is an Egyptian and the founder of “Surviving Hijab” Facebook group. As per her reflection in Vogue Arabia interview “There are a lot of … women and girls who are breaking barriers. For me growing up, though, I never had these women to look up to. I had to break these barriers for myself.”

The other campaign star is Zahra Lari, the Emirati skater in her interview with Vogue Arabia “People may think or tell you that you can’t do certain things, but I’m going to show them you absolutely can. I am covered, I am Muslim, I am from a desert country, and I’m doing a winter sport.”

Some dreams have come true said every hijabi athlete.


By this move, Nike has not just made a product available for Muslim women and added a new category to their targeted audience but they showed them what is possible, what they are capable of doing and that finally someone recognized their existence in the most honored way.