Are Sahel Hospitals Equipped Enough to Save Lives?

Last Eid, Facebook was saturated with hundreds of people sharing posts asking for blood donations for a young woman in El Alamein Hospital. She was pregnant but lost her child and was in a critical case of bleeding. However, people who were willing to donate, had to do a virus test first at a hospital in Alexandria, and then go to Sahel to donate their blood.

2 years ago, a young lady had asthma while she was on the beach at a resort in Sahel. She couldn’t breathe at all, and the clinic could not help her, and she unfortunately died in front of her friends.

Last year, and the year before, and the year before, people have been getting in accidents on the Sahel roads, and so many passed away because of their critical cases that no hospital there could handle or treat.

I am not writing this to blame anyone, and quite frankly, I do not have the full details regarding the stories. All I know is, these people died because their cases were too complicated and the hospitals weren’t competent. Is there any medical entity in Sahel equipped and adequate enough to save lives? Shouldn’t this be a priority? Sahel is very well-equipped with all means of accommodation and entertainment, shouldn’t this phenomenal holiday destination have more hospitals and more places for emergencies and critical cases? Or will we just have to brace ourselves every summer, hoping nothing bad befalls any of us or the ones we love, because we know no place can treat us?

This doesn’t concern Sahel alone. Sokhna, Ras Sudr or Sinai all have the same issues. Where entertainment seems to be getting more than it’s share of attention and capital, but health and medical entities are the least of the concerns. When will we give more attention to people’s health and lives? When will these places be ready for any kind of emergencies? Lives need to be more valuable and important than they currently are, and it’s about time we give more attention to people’s lives than building resorts and making money.