Make a Great Impact on the Environment by Joining Earth Hour Day!

Nowadays, most people overuse everything from technology devices, electricity, machines, televisions, cars, and much more. We always tend to use everything in our daily lives without paying attention to the pros and cons of using those things and the side effects that may happen to our planet and environment.

No doubt, some of us start thinking to be strict in using electricity by limiting our daily usage of it. We start to be committed to this decision but at some point, we start to forget and we consume more than before because of our busy routine. Do you remember when you left your mobile phone on the charger all night long even when your phone battery was full? Or when you left the television open all day and you were busy talking on the phone? How about when you left your laptop open and you were not working on it just because you were talking on the phone? And much more of other situations that happen daily and we don’t pay attention to how much energy is wasted even if we don’t know how our environment is affected. From now on, what we should do is start thinking of ways to pay off to our environment and save more energy.

Earth Hour Day

Earth Hour Day is a worldwide movement especially made for the sake of our planet and environment. This event is held annually encouraging every human being to turn off electricity for 60 minutes. This day is made to show our commitment to our planet and to save energy.

This event was originally started in 2007 in Australia, then it has grown to more than 172 countries joining the movement yearly.

The reason why people join Earth Hour Day yearly is:

This day was made to increase the awareness of global warming problems and wasting too much energy on nothing. The increase of our earth average surface temperature came due to the effect of many things and one of the most important things is overusing electricity. This day is also a chance for people around the world to unite and offer a kind gesture to the environment. And definitely, every single person joining the day will make a difference.

Back in time, in 2015, this video showcased many countries around the world showing their support on Earth Hour Day. Check it out:


Earth Hour Day is on 25th of March 2017 from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. Spread the word and bring all your friends and family together and turn off electricity. Whether you are at home or at work, just do it and make a change.  Go invite everyone to join Earth Hour Day on their Facebook Event or add it to your calendar from Earth hour website.

Earth Hour is more than an event. It is a movement that has achieved massive environmental impact. However, thinking of ways to save your planet should be one of the main things you need to do every day. Not only doing it every day but also promoting about it just to save your planet.