Why I’m Scared Of Wearing My Workout Clothes In Cairo’s Streets

Everyone is livin’ the fitness life nowadays. It’s always been there, but only during the past few years that it’s started to take the world by storm, specifically the Egyptian culture. Everyone is hopping on the health train, which is a good thing because you’re actually taking matters into a brighter path.

But when you’re at the gym, wearing big and droopy T-shirts and sweat pants isn’t very, comfortable, if you can choose a word for it. Even though come winter, it’s the most comfortable thing to wear, and almost everyone in the world can agree to that. However, while you’re trying to run on the treadmill, you don’t have this complete freedom to really do your best, because, let’s be honest, you’re sweatpants keep falling off right?

Since fitness is the new trend now, a lot of clothing brands have been coming out with their own fitness clothing lines, all fit for the gym or fitness life. Skin-tight leggings are honestly the way to go. You’re much more comfortable, but I’m scared of going out in public wearing them.

I don’t dare wear my gym clothes to the mall, to run some errands or meet up with some friends before hitting the gym, I have to pack a full bag with me, waste time because I just don’t have the sense of security. Some girls may act like they don’t care, but deep down, their senses are triggered and alerted. All the time.

As a girl, things are a lot harder in life, and the choice of what to wear every day is one of them. As a guy, shorts and skin-tight t-shirts are completely normal, while if a girl is walking by wearing her workout clothes, the looks, side talks, and overall atmosphere just becomes awkward, making us regret the minute we decided to step out of our homes.

The looks. No matter where your gym is, someone is bound to see you, and the looks aren’t always that forgiving. I mean, I’m minding my own business, why can’t you mind yours?

The side talks. People love to gossip, and if you’re walking up to the gas station on your way home, people are going to talk, some might even verbally harass you. Why do you have to do that?

Even trying to get to your car to go to the gym. That walking distance can feel like the longest route you’ll ever take. You don’t walk, you run to the stairs, to safety, where everyone else is dressed like you, where you won’t get those shameful looks.

Why do I have to wear my normal clothes, then change, work out, and change again? Why can’t people just keep to themselves? Why do, even the simplest of things, become so hard to do? It’s somehow becoming a burden for a lot of women, all because people just can’t accept that the world is changing, that women in this day and age are more brave to do, wear, and say what they want.

But I’m still scared of walking around in my gym clothes. All because of our beautifully primitive, never changing society.