Scary Movies Are Good For Your health, Here’s Why!

I’ve always been the type of person who loves watching horror movies, yet still, screams when there’s a jump scare scene. I think I’ve watched them all, from the classics like The Exorcism, Jaws, Halloween to the remakes, the gory, the suspenseful, the thank you so much for wasting my time movies. Nevertheless, I don’t seem to quite, and it doesn’t seem to change anytime soon after writing this article. Tick tock, Halloween’s coming, and TV stations will be showing nothing but horror marathons, but don’t be scared! It turns out watching scary movies are good for you! Yep, you read that right.

Some studies show that watching horror movies can increase your adrenaline levels. Getting a dose of adrenaline can give a boost of energy and excitement, which for people battling depression or anxiety disorder may have decreased levels off. A suggestion would be The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Yeah, you’ll be on an adrenaline rush for the whole day!

A little scare here or there can actually help you lose weight? Well, not by dropping 10 pounds in two hours, no. Some studies show that some horror movies can help one burn up to 200 calories. So don’t feel all that guilty for that cheesy popcorn you had with your movie. A classic movie would be watching the Scream franchise. Hey! you can marathon it and burn 800 calories!

Afraid of the dark? Yeah, well me too. But some of these movies can actually help you concur that fear. Seeing the main character defeat whatever evil lurking in the shadows may give you a motivational boost to do the same. As I’m writing this article, I’m watching Lights Out, who knows, maybe I’ll sleep with the lights off tonight?

Watching a movie can feel like you’ve traveled at a time, whenever it is, you’re with the movie, walking along with the characters, living their lives. Movies can help you forget how your life is, whether if it’s good or bad, it’s an escape, like books, but in a different form. And every genre of movies gives the same effect. Horror movies too, watch The Visit, for the ‘what the hell’ factor and it’ll probably make you forget what you had for breakfast.

Moreover, watching or doing something for fun is one thing, but taking it obsessively is another. You don’t need to watch all the horror movies ever made in one week. Moderation is key. Yet it’s Halloween month, so that may not really happen now will it?

Horror-freak? What’s your favorite horror movie