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The Search For What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

Everybody is looking for something


Something that fulfills their soul


Something that would make them happy,


To make them feel that they rule the world


Like that first sip of coffee in the morning


The caffeine buzzing through your veins


Alerting your body that you’re awake




Everybody is looking for something


Even when they have everything,


From the basic needs to the pointless wants


Still, they’re searching




Of the day where everything they’d desire would come true.


Because these days,


The sense of fulfillment is long dead.


Nothing is ever enough,


And we always crave for more.


And thus,


The epic search for the unknown begins


Everybody is looking for something.



Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These
The Search For What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of


  • A photography enthusiast, bookworm, traveler, and out of the closet coffee addict. Believing that with the power of words, you can change people’s lives forever.



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