Shahira Lasheen’s Designs Will Make You Look Fabulous During Wedding Season!

The struggle is real!

There is a period in every year, to which we all go through known as occasion season, or ‘wedding’ season, where your entire friends list seems to be tying the knot, one way or the other! I know a friend who had been invited to 15 occasions just this past month. From engagements, to katb ktabs, to bachelorettes, to weddings! Not to mention the lavish outings following each celebration. Deciding on which attire to wear to which occasion can be quite nerve-wracking, where each occasion is distinctive in it’s dress code. There are morning engagements, and weddings by the pool, so how do we manage?

In most cases, we attend to the world wide web to look for chic and timeless dress inspirations. Once you know what you want your piece to look like, you go get the fabric, and hope to God your tailor finishes on times. Which in most cases, they finish on the day of.

But, we’re about to introduce you to someone who’s designs are a complete game-changer.

Shahira Lasheen

She is one of the most talented and passionate Egyptian designers, even though designing wasn’t her field. Her journey started when she discovered that she has a passion for the fashion industry after graduating from Engineering school, but once she knew her way, she made the decision to make an entrance in the fashion world, and we’re glad she did.

Shahira started her fashion career back in 2010 after she finished her studies in fashion designing. She has been nominated as one of the “10 best upcoming young Arab designers” by the international fashion designer Zuhair Murad. Most of her designs are inspired by novels and paintings that reveal royal family power with unity and mutual ethics. So if you are looking for dresses from the 18th century mixed with modern architectural smooth lines, then you’re welcome!

Check out some of her amazing designs, reserve your dress now through her Facebook page, and turn heads where ever you go.