Why Shopping In Egypt Is A Disaster!

What was once a sense of escape, therapy, and pleasure to some, has now vanished. Slowly but surely, with each passing day, you kept kicking the thought to tomorrow. But now it’s gone, and it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s coming back anytime soon.

Oh my friend, gone are the days when you’d walk out of the mall, after a long day of walking, browsing, thinking, changing, choosing, and holding on to all those heavy shopping bags like a champion as you make your way to your car. Gone are the days where you get the utmost satisfaction trying to fit all the new goodies you bought, in the trunk of your car. With your mind racing as you’re on your way home, thinking of which new outfit to wear tomorrow to work or college. That amazing rush is no more. Dead. Squashed. Like that mosquito you just jacked, it’s gone. But did you know that that mosquito has been in your room for a while? Hiding, flying away from the bed to the closet to the bed again. It passed you a couple of times; you knew it was there, along with its intentions of sucking your blood, but you continued on ignoring, pushing the thought of a tiny vampire living in your room and carried on with your day. Until it finally lands on your laptop screen, as you’re reading this, and you have that tiny adrenaline rush pumping through your veins as you hurry to find anything to get rid of it with. Armed with a tissue, you smash that tiny devil, crumble the evidence and throw it in the nearby basket.

Well, just as the mosquito’s main purpose in life is to suck your blood, shops have a similar thing going on, but instead their thirst is for your money. There were mega sales everywhere, informing you, alerting you, but you ignored it. Pushed the thought to ‘I’ll check it out later’. Until you fast-forward to today. There were and still are sales, indeed. With all those red signs all over the store, they capture you and draw you in the store. But once you take a look at the merchandise, you’ll find yourself thinking, ‘Seriously shop owners! Do you think that in the midst of summer, I would actually buy that leather jacket I’ve been eyeing all winter-long but couldn’t because it was too over-priced, but has a laughable reduced price tag now?’.

Walking around any mall these days is just for walking around in an air-conditioned space rather than getting any vitamin D. With all the things you used to get, from small to big, from wants to needs, on the regular doubling or even tripling in price, it has become rather pointless to spend your hard earned money on shit, to put it lightly. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth, and your mood on the blue side as you leave the store with your to-buy list almost all un-ticked. Nevertheless, you breathe in, refresh your mind and go on with what’s become a routine for a few months now, which is to head over to a coffee shop or a restaurant, have a meal and call it a day. Or rather, a fail.

Going back to the car at the end of the day with a satisfied stomach, but not a satisfied mind. You’ll think of how uneventful, unsatisfying the day was, but the signs of this day coming were all there, like the mosquito flying away in your room, it was there. You just chose to ignore it, but as you look down at your right arm, you’ll find a little red bite mark, because the mosquito did what it will always does, bite.