Simple Habits That Can Really Impact Your Life For The Better

Change. It’s not something a lot of people like to accept, and that’s pretty normal. Since sticking to a routine is already hard enough, embracing a slight change in that cycle can make you a bit more stressful. Sleeping late becomes sort of a habit, even when you know you have work or school in the morning, you still can’t find it in yourself to tuck in bed when the clock strikes 10.

Yet, good change can actually enhance your everyday life, which can ultimately put you on a much more positive track, rather than just shutting your eyes for a few hours as you’re used to, opting to sleep earlier will not only give a few extra hours of sleep but also give your body and mind the rest it needs. You’ll actually find yourself more optimistic and energetic. A good tip is placing your alarm far away from your bed, so when it rings, you’ll have to get out of bed to stop it. You might find yourself hitting the snooze button instead and crawling back in bed, but your mind has already woken up. It’s a habit you’ll grow into, the key is to keep doing it.

Changing a single habit in your lifestyle can cause a massive effect, and the alarm clock example is just one of many other ways that will literally change your life for the better.

Get More Done In A Day

Don’t go around saying that ‘you don’t have enough time’ because quite frankly, you do. The day is 24 hours long, let’s take 8 to sleep, that means you have 16 hours every day to accomplish a bulk out of your to-do list. And the feeling of crossing out a task of your list in itself is exhilarating and brings relief.

Plan your day and structure it to do more. Take reading for example; sometimes having a demanding job can make it hard for you to catch up on that book you’ve wanted to read ever since you bought it two months ago. While if you structured your day right, waking up early can give you an extra ten minutes or so to just chill around before starting your day. So rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed, grab a bowl of cereal and read at least one chapter of your book. Day by day, you’ll find yourself getting up earlier to read more, as it’s become a routine for you. Not only will you have concurred the old habit of waking up with only five minutes to spare, but also included one of your favorite habits throughout your day. Simply by waking up earlier and squeezing in other things along the way.

Catching up on hobbies doesn’t always have to be in the mornings though; it could be during your lunch break, on the road or before going to bed. If you structure your day with tasks like how you would with your job, you’ll find that you can do everything you wish and that there is time for anything. You just have to devote time to it.

Start Meal Prepping

It’s been a worldwide craze for a while, and many companies have started offering this service, and it’s all for a good cause. Just think about it, try and add up all the money you’ve spent this week just from ordering your lunch from a fast food joint. It’s a lot, right?

Now, if you were to pack your own lunch every morning rather than ordering out and spending a hefty amount of money every week, not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also know the source of your meal and eat healthier. Because home cooked food is hands down the best, right?

You can prep your meals the night before or you can make multiple containers for each day that you stick in the microwave and your meal is done and yummy. There are thousands of recipes online for quick and easy meals that will satisfy your tummy and wallet.

Devote One Day To Get Everything Done

The weekend is the best time to relax after a long week of work. Since there are two days, mark one of which to be one where you get everything done. Like doing your laundry, running errands, cleaning your room, catching up with friends, planning your week or simply doing your nails.

This is the day where you do everything you didn’t have time for during the week. It’s a day where you just get your shit together. Even though chilling in bed and watching the Stranger Things season might feel like the optimum choice, however, crossing off your errands list in the morning or mid-afternoon and then chilling afterward is far more rewarding.

Start Reading More

Now, this habit doesn’t really coincide with following up on your hobbies, but rather using it as a sort of exercise for your brain. Whether from books or articles online, reading more can help you get inspired by literally everything. You can get inspired by a recipe blog, which you could later practice for your meal preps. Knowing about new fashion trends, learning about inspiring stories that can affect your life in a positive way or by reading a few chapters from your book every day will keep your favorite hobby alive.

This is a habit that doesn’t really consume much time, but the aftermath is which breaks the scale.

It’s occasional for habits to transform into routines, which can turn to vicious cycles of unproductivity. Following these simple habits, you’ll quickly notice how your perspective on ‘a day in the life’ can change for the better. Just keep persevering.