Get The Best Of Sinai And Sahel In One Place!

Ever feel like going to Sinai, but you’re not particularly excited about the 10-hour drive, so you Sahel instead, but you still really want to go to Sinai? Located 3 KM after Marrassi, Remal food court, with its slogan “Sinai Fi El Sahel” so appropriately phrased, you will most definitely feel the Bedouin vibes we all love so much, closer to you in Sahel.

From the minute you set foot inside Remal, you start feeling nostalgic for Sinai, but not for long, because Remal is a piece of Sinai, and for that, we are completely hooked. Service is great, staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and food orders come in noticeably quickly, hot and just how you had imagined them, absolutely delish! Remal gathers three of the best food joints in Sahel, 3al Fa7m, Princess and Asmak Tata.

Remal really knows how to put you in the mood, peaceful, quiet and tranquil. The seating at Remal is done Bedouin style, except for some tables for those who prefer normal seating. The place is so saturated with colors, you’re going to have to take tons of happy pictures. Add to that, bands that play there every weekend!

We should also point out that with the awesome service, amazing food and the peace and quiet that come with it, the check was very reasonable, as opposed to other places were you spend hefty amounts of money, with no memorable experiences in return!

Remal is a place that you will hardly forget, so if you want delicious food, a simple yet nice place where you can relax and bond with nature, and high-quality service, you definitely need to check out Remal!