Since It’s International Month Of Happiness: 30 Things To Do To Be Happy!

Happiness is not just a word but a state of mind! If you decided to be happy today, then you will be happy. That’s it. No need to complicate things and think about how your day will be going, or if you won’t be in the mood. What makes people happy is different. Each person has his own favorite places, interests, people, things and more of which makes him or her happy. In life, there are common things that make everyone happy no matter what! Since August is the International Happiness Month, forget about summer a bit and try to focus on the 30 things below to make you happy every day!

1- Buy real flowers to your bedroom or your office

2- Say no when you need to say it to people

3- Make rest time and fun time as a priority

4- Appreciate the little things all the time

5- Call someone you love and let them know how much you love them

6- Start a conversation with a stranger

7- Eat ice cream and chocolates

8- Have a bubble bath with sea salt

9- Laugh every day

10- Keep a notebook for your everyday achievements

11- Spread positivity wherever you are

12- Meditate daily

13- Embrace your mistakes, they don’t define who you are

14- Get some vitamin D under the sun

15- Forgive people

16- Spend one day without social media and electronic devices

17- Buy a new book (I recommend “The Secret”)

18- Enjoy some “Me time”

19- Try something adventurous (Kayaking, hiking, climbing)

20 – Eat healthy and stay hydrated

21- Feed random animals in the street

22- Hug people

23- Have a “Do Nothing Day”

24- Enjoy a walk in a greenery area

25- Text an old friend of yours

26- Cut negative people in your life

27- Review a place that you have visited positively online

28-  Write a letter to someone you love and express your love

29- Tell yourself positive things in the mirror every day

30- At the end, love yourself all times and be happy not only in August but all year long