Soul Kitesurfing Center: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

In the middle of a busy week in the energy-draining city life, stuck in traffic, overloaded with work tasks or overwhelmed by your life responsibilities, we have all been waiting for this holiday for quiet some time now. Where you fantasize about staying in bed, going on a road trip, or daydreaming of running away to a simpler life by the beach. If you’re the latter, South Sinai has all that you dream of, from the captivating scenery, to the peaceful state of mind, but the 10-12 hour drive makes it really exhausting to qualify for a weekend getaway. Soul Kitesurfing Center in Ras Sudr is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, and this is where we’re going this Eid holiday!

Ras Sudr has Southern Sinai vibes with stunning scenery and is just around the corner, I mean just across the tunnel to Sinai and it is only an hour-and-a-half drive away from the capital.
Soul Kitesurfing Center is one of the best places to kite-surf, with beautiful lagoons mixed between flat shallow waters, waist deep waters and epic wind conditions make it the ultimate spot to kite-surf.
Soul Kitesurfing has IKO knowledgeable and trustworthy instructors and they take a maximum of two students per course to make sure their students learn and grasp the best information they can.
If you are not a kite-surfing enthusiast, you can just chill on the magnificent warm water and white sandy beach.
Soul Center beach is children friendly, very safe and they have a good menu for drinks and food (the burgers are phenomenal), which makes it the perfect spot for family trips.
The place is really cozy and inviting, with comfortable bungalows with authentic vibes. There you will find happy like-minded people.
The staff is super friendly and make the place feel like home. The owners Jenny and Sherif will welcome you with open arms.
The sandy beach, 1200 meter coast line with beach activities will give you a healthy and clean way to charge your energy, and the refreshing sea view will allow you to marvel at a truly unique experience.
Stunning scenery that are Instagram-worthy. The combination of mountains, the sunset and the different pink and blue sunset shades are just so relaxing and serene. And even at night, the clear sky and the shining stars will calm and soothe your soul.
Soul is called soul for a reason. Go there once, and you will realize that you have left a part of your "Soul" there, and it will keep calling back to it until you return.

Make this Eid extra special and visit Soul Kitesurfing Centre. Visit their Facebook page, to know more.