Is Spilling Your Milk In The Morning Worth Crying Over?

We’ve all experienced mental break downs over the stupidest things.

Crying because the coffee was too hot.

Or because we ran out of shampoo in the morning.

Have you ever stopped to consider the reasons behind those breakdowns? Have you dug inside your head deep enough, to find out the origin of why you act strong when it is a serious problem, but fall apart when it is something fixable?

Well, the answer is; we tend to leave what is really bothering us at the back of our minds and focus on the things that we know we are capable of handling. We have convinced ourselves that if we leave a wound open, time will eventually heal it. However, time does not heal; time helps you forget about the problem momentarily and then turns it into anger or regret. This is why we find ourselves very sensitive and getting angry at the slightest and simplest of occurrences, because we never allow ourselves to find closure. We owe it to ourselves to understand why we hold on to the sadness that is storming inside of us.

We feel sad over things that passed and we didn’t get the chance to make amends.

Remember that friend you had a fight with, then thought that there are a lot of things that you wanted to say but instead kept all quite about? I suggest you talk to that friend.

Say what is on your mind.

Share a piece of your mind.

Let it all out and find closure.

If you miss someone, and know that you can talk with them to fix your issue, do it before it is too late, and find your closure.

If you are doing something that you do not like; either find a way to learn to enjoy it, or just leave it.

If you are not happy with yourself, work on improving yourself. Just do not give in to your sadness and stay where you are. Do not neglect your problems, work on understanding them, and always seek closure.

No one in this whole world will love you more than you love yourself. You owe it to yourself to do what is best for YOU, it’s not selfish; it is love and remedy.

List out what you are really mad about.

Call that old friend and make amends.

Do whatever it takes to lift that heavy weight.

Love yourself enough to always find closure.

Do that, and you will never cry over spilling your milk in the morning ever again.